Kenya eTA Process for Ireland

Irish citizens who plan to travel to Kenya are required to obtain a eTA prior to their trip. One of the most convenient ways to obtain a Kenyan eTA is through the electronic travel authorization (eTA) application process. The Kenya eTA system streamlines the eTA application process, making it easier and more efficient for Irish travelers to visit Kenya.

Do Irish Citizens Need a eTA to Visit Kenya?

Yes, Irish citizens need a eTA to visit Kenya for tourism, business, or any other purpose. The eTA is the recommended and preferred method for obtaining a eTA for Kenyan travel.

Kenya eTA Application Process for Irish Citizens

The Kenya eTA application process for Irish citizens involves the following steps:




Create an account using your email address.


Fill out the online Kenya eTA application form with accurate details.


Upload required documents: passport bio-page and passport-sized photo with a white background.


Submit your application and review for accuracy.


Pay the eTA processing fee using a credit or debit card.


Track your application status on the eTA portal.


Receive an email notification with your approved eTA attached.


Download and print the eTA to carry with you during your trip.

Kenya eTA Application Requirements for Irish Citizens

Irish citizens applying for a Kenya eTA need the following:

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from the date of entry.
  • A scanned copy of the passport bio-page.
  • A recent passport-sized color photo with a white background.
  • Proof of travel arrangements (flight itinerary).
  • Accommodation details in Kenya (hotel reservations, invitation letters, etc.).

How Long Does It Take to Process the Kenya eTA for Irish Citizens?

The processing time for a Kenya eTA for Irish citizens typically ranges from 2 to 3 business days. However, it's advisable to apply well in advance of your travel dates to account for any potential delays.

Validity Period of Kenya eTA for Irish Travelers

The Kenya eTA for Irish travelers is usually valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance. This means you must enter Kenya within 90 days of receiving the eTA.

Can I Extend My eTA While in Kenya If Needed?

In most cases, it is possible to extend your eTA while in Kenya. However, this process should be initiated well before your eTA expires. 

  • Initiate Extension: Contact Kenyan immigration authorities well before your eTA expires.
  • Provide Information: Furnish required information and documents for the extension application.
  • Wait for Approval: Wait for the immigration authorities to review and approve your extension.
  • Obtain Extended eTA: Once approved, you'll receive an extended eTA, allowing you to stay longer.

What Are the Fees for the Kenya eTA for Irish Nationals?

The fees for the Kenya eTA vary depending on the type of eTA and the duration of stay. It's important to check the Kenya eTA fee page for the most up-to-date fee information.

Are There Any Specific Photo Requirements for the eTA Application?

Yes, the photo submitted with your eTA application must meet specific requirements.List of the specific photo requirements for the Kenya eTA application:

  • Recent Photo: The photo should be recent, typically taken within the last six months.
  • Passport-Sized: The photo should be passport-sized, with standard dimensions.
  • Color Photo: The photo must be in color, not black and white.
  • Plain White Background: The background of the photo should be plain white without any patterns or designs.
  • Clear and Sharp: The photo should be clear, sharp, and in focus, with no blurriness.
  • Facial Expression: Maintain a neutral facial expression with both eyes open, mouth closed, and a natural expression.
  • Head Position: The head should be centered and occupy a significant portion of the frame. The full face should be visible.
  • No Headgear: Unless worn for religious or medical reasons, avoid wearing hats, headgear, or sunglasses.
  • No Shadows or Glare: Ensure there are no shadows on the face or background, and avoid glare on glasses, if worn.
  • No Smiling: A neutral expression is preferred; smiling may not be allowed.
  • No Photo Alterations: Do not alter the photo in any way, such as editing or retouching.
  • Photo Format: Submit the photo in a standard image format, such as JPEG.

It's essential to follow these guidelines precisely to ensure that your photo meets the requirements and your eTA application is processed without any issues.

Can I Apply for a Multiple-Entry eTA from Ireland?

Yes, Irish citizens can apply for a multiple-entry eTA, which allows for multiple entries into Kenya within the eTA's validity period. This is convenient for travelers who plan to leave and re-enter Kenya during their trip.

Do I Need to Submit My Passport for the eTA Application?

The information on whether you need to submit your passport for the Kenya eTA application:

  • No, you do not need to submit your physical passport during the eTA application process.
  • Only a scanned copy of the passport bio-page is required for the application.
  • The passport bio-page contains your personal details, photo, and passport number.
  • Make sure the scanned copy is clear and legible to avoid processing delays.
  • Keep your physical passport safe as you will need it for travel upon approval of the eTA.

Age Restriction for Minors from Ireland Applying for a Kenya eTA

Minors (individuals under the age of 18) traveling to Kenya must have their own eTA. A parent or guardian can apply on behalf of a minor using their own eTA account.

Common Reasons for eTA Rejections and How to Avoid Them

Common reasons for eTA rejections include incomplete or inaccurate information, invalid documents, and failure to meet entry requirements. 

  • Incomplete Information: Missing or incomplete details in your application can lead to rejection. Double-check all fields before submitting.
  • Incorrect Information: Providing inaccurate information, such as wrong passport details or travel dates, can result in rejection. Verify all details for accuracy.
  • Invalid Documents: Submitting expired or incorrect documents, like an outdated passport copy, can lead to rejection. Ensure all documents are up to date.
  • Unsuitable Photo: An improperly formatted or unclear passport photo can cause rejection. Follow the specified photo requirements accurately.
  • Unrealistic Travel Plans: Inconsistent travel plans or unrealistic itineraries may raise suspicion. Make sure your travel details are logical and feasible.
  • Previous Violations: If you have violated eTA regulations in the past, it might affect your current application. Adhere to immigration rules.
  • Overstaying History: If you have a history of overstaying eTA in other countries, it could impact your eTA approval. Follow eTA terms diligently.
  • Criminal Record: Certain criminal records may lead to rejection. Be aware of any potential ineligibility due to criminal history.
  • Non-Payment of Fees: Failure to pay the required eTA processing fees will result in rejection. Complete the payment accurately.
  • Late Application: Applying too close to your travel date may not allow sufficient processing time. Apply well in advance.
  • Failure to Appeal: If your application is rejected, you may have the option to appeal. Ignoring this opportunity could result in missed travel plans.
  • Application Volume: High application volumes can lead to processing delays or errors. Apply during non-peak times if possible.

To avoid eTA rejections, meticulously review all application details, adhere to requirements, and provide accurate and honest information. If in doubt, seek guidance from the official eTA website or relevant authorities.

Group eTA for Traveling with Family or Friends

Yes, you can apply for a group eTA if traveling with family or friends. Each traveler must be listed on the group application, and individual eTA will be issued.

  • Group Application: If you are traveling with family or friends, you can apply for a group eTA. This allows multiple individuals to be included in a single application.
  • Lead Applicant: One person from the group will be the lead applicant and complete the application on behalf of the entire group.
  • Individual Information: Each traveler's personal and passport details will need to be provided in the application. Make sure all information is accurate and matches the respective passports.
  • Accompaniment: Group members listed in the application should be genuinely traveling together. Ensure consistency in travel dates and plans.
  • Payment: The lead applicant will typically make a single payment for the entire group's eTA processing fees.
  • Documentation: Required documents, such as passport copies and photos, should be submitted for each traveler listed in the group application.
  • Approval and Issuance: Once approved, individual eTA will be issued for each group member. Each person will have their own eTA document.
  • Travel Together: All group members should carry their respective eTA documents and present them upon entry to Kenya. Travel together as a group to avoid complications.
  • Minors: If minors are part of the group, they should have their own eTA, and a parent or guardian can apply on their behalf.
  • Application Process: The application process for a group eTA is usually similar to that of an individual application. Ensure accurate information for each traveler.

Applying for a group eTA can be convenient when traveling with family or friends, as it streamlines the process and ensures that everyone's eTA status is synchronized.

Overstaying Your eTA Validity Period

Overstaying your eTA validity period in Kenya is a situation to be avoided, as it can lead to a range of complications and potential consequences. 

An eTA grants you permission to stay in the country for a specified duration, typically up to 90 days from the date of entry. If you remain in Kenya beyond this authorized period without obtaining an extension, you are considered to be in violation of immigration rules.

Top 10 Most Populous Cities In Kenya In 2023

Here are the top 10 most populous cities in Kenya in 2023:



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Number Of Visitors To Kenya From 2021 To 2023

According to the World Bank, the number of visitors to Kenya from 2021 to 2023 was as follows:

  • 2021: 4.5 million
  • 2022: 5 million
  • 2023: 5.5 million

In decimal form, this is 4.50, 5.00, and 5.50 million, respectively.


Yes, Irish citizens can apply for a multiple-entry eTA, allowing for multiple entries into Kenya within the eTA's validity period.

The Kenya eTA for Irish travelers is usually valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance.

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Irish citizens were not eligible for a eTA on arrival in Kenya. It is advisable to obtain the eTA before traveling to Kenya.

Common reasons for rejection include incomplete/incorrect information and invalid documents. Double-check your application and documents to avoid rejection.