Kenya eTA Process for Norway

The Kenya eTA is an eTA that allows citizens of Norway to visit Kenya for various purposes such as tourism, business, or transit. It simplifies the eTA application process and eliminates the need to visit the Kenyan embassy in person. Here's a comprehensive guide on how Norwegian citizens can apply for a Kenya eTA.

Who can apply for the Kenya eTA from Norway?

All Norwegian citizens who wish to travel to Kenya for tourism, business, or transit purposes can apply for the Kenya eTA. The eTA is applicable for both single-entry and multiple-entry visits.

Eligibility criteria for Norway citizens:

To be eligible for a Kenya eTA, Norwegian citizens must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Kenya.
  • Intend to visit Kenya for tourism, business, or transit purposes only.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover their stay in Kenya.
  • Possess a return or onward ticket to their country of residence or an onward destination.

How do Norwegian citizens apply for a Kenya eTA?

Norwegian citizens can apply for a Kenya eTA by visiting the official eTA website. They need a valid passport (minimum 6 months validity), recent passport-sized photo, travel itinerary, accommodation proof, and financial statements. Payment method, accurate personal/travel details, and email address are also required for the online application process.

Is the eTA mandatory for Norwegian travelers to Kenya?

Yes, the Kenya eTA is mandatory for all Norwegian citizens traveling to Kenya. It is essential to obtain the eTA before departure to avoid any travel disruptions.

Purpose of the Kenya eTA for Norway:

The Kenya eTA allows Norwegian travelers to enter Kenya for purposes such as:



Kenya Transit eTA

For Norwegian travelers passing through Kenya en route to another destination.

Kenya Single Entry eTA

Allows Norwegian citizens to visit Kenya for tourism, business, or other single-entry purposes.

East African Tourist eTA

Enables multiple entries to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda for tourism, valid for 90 days from the first entry.

Apply for Kenya eTA from Norway for the First Time:

To apply for a Kenya eTA for the first time, follow these steps:



2. Fill out Application Form

Complete the online Kenya eTA application form with correct travel and passport information.

3. Upload Required Documents

Submit scanned copies of valid passport, recent passport-sized photo, travel itinerary, accommodation proof, financial statements, etc.

4. Photo Specifications

Ensure the uploaded photo meets specified requirements.

5. Pay eTA Processing Fee

Choose from accepted online payment methods to pay the processing fee.

6. Review and Submit Application

Carefully review all details before final submission.

7. Check Application Status

Monitor the progress of your application on the eTA website using your account.

8. Receive Email Notifications

Stay updated through email notifications regarding your application.

9. Obtain Approved eTA

Once approved, download and print the eTA approval to present upon arrival in Kenya.

Documents required for the Kenya eTA application from Norway:

Applicants from Norway need to submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Kenya.
  • A scanned copy of the passport's bio-data page.
  • A recent passport-sized photograph meeting the photo specifications.
  • Proof of travel itinerary, such as flight bookings.
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements in Kenya (hotel reservations, invitation letters, etc.).
  • Financial statements demonstrating sufficient funds to cover the stay in Kenya.

Meeting the photo specifications for the Kenya eTA application:

Meeting the photo specifications for the Kenya eTA application requires adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Size: The photograph dimensions must be 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm.
  • Color and Background: The photo should be in color with a plain white background.
  • Face: Ensure a clear, front view of your face with no shadows. Eyes should be open and visible. Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses.
  • Headgear: Avoid wearing hats, caps, or any other headgear, unless it's worn for religious or cultural reasons. Even then, your face should be fully visible from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead and from ear to ear.
  • Expression: Maintain a neutral expression with your mouth closed. Do not smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows excessively.
  • Attire: Wear normal daily clothing. Uniforms, camouflage attire, or clothing that resembles official attire might lead to rejection.
  • Glasses: If you wear prescription glasses, make sure they don't cause reflections or glare. Your eyes should be fully visible through the lenses without any tint.

Adhering to these specifications will help ensure a successful submission of your eTA application.

How long does it take to process the eTA for Norway citizens?

The processing time for the Kenya eTA may vary, but it typically takes around 2 to 3 business days. It is advisable to apply well in advance of your travel date to avoid any last-minute complications.

Accepted payment methods for the eTA application:

Accepted payment methods for the Kenya eTA application include:

  • Credit Cards: Major credit cards such as eTA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.
  • Debit Cards: Debit cards associated with the above-mentioned credit card providers are also accepted.
  • Online Payment Platforms: Some online payment platforms, like PayPal, may be accepted. Check the official eTA website for details.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions: Depending on availability, certain mobile payment solutions might be accepted.
  • Bank Transfers: In some cases, bank transfers or direct payment methods could be options. Verify with the eTA portal for more information.

It's essential to verify the specific payment methods accepted on the official Kenya eTA website as they may vary or change over time.

How to check the status of your Kenya eTA application from Norway:

To check the status of your Kenya eTA application from Norway:

  • Application Dashboard: Navigate to the application dashboard or status page.
  • Check Progress: Look for updates on your application status, which may include "Pending," "Approved," or "Rejected."
  • Email Notifications: Monitor your registered email for any notifications regarding your application status.
  • Contact Support: If needed, use the provided contact information to inquire about your application's progress.

Stay informed through the online portal and email communication to ensure a smooth eTA process.

Receiving notifications and updates on your application:

To receive notifications and updates on your Kenya eTA application:

  • Email Registration: Provide a valid and active email address during the application process.
  • Email Alerts: Regularly check your email for notifications on your application status.
  • Account Dashboard: Log in to your eTA account to view updates on the application progress.
  • Check Spam Folder: Ensure emails from the eTA system aren't marked as spam.

Staying attentive to email alerts and account updates will keep you informed about your application's status.

Tips for a smooth and successful eTA application:

For a smooth and successful Kenya eTA application process, consider these tips:

  • Apply Early: Submit your application well in advance to account for processing time.
  • Accurate Information: Provide correct and up-to-date personal and travel details.
  • Photo Specifications: Ensure your passport photo meets the specified requirements.
  • Document Upload: Scan and upload all necessary documents accurately.
  • Payment Verification: Double-check payment details before submission.
  • Email Communication: Regularly check your email for updates and notifications.
  • Review Application: Review your application thoroughly before submitting.
  • Contact Support: Reach out to eTA support for clarification if needed.
  • Avoid Errors: Double-check for errors in spelling and data entry.
  • Stay Informed: Research travel advisories and entry requirements.
  • Check Status: Monitor your application status through your eTA account.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance the likelihood of a successful Kenya eTA application process.

Information on traveling to Kenya from Norway:

Before traveling to Kenya, Norwegian citizens should:

  • Check for any travel advisories or restrictions for Kenya.
  • Ensure their passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
  • Carry a copy of their eTA approval along with other essential travel documents.
  • Respect and adhere to the local laws and customs of Kenya.
  • Take necessary health precautions and vaccinations for travel to Kenya.

By following these guidelines, Norwegian citizens can easily apply for a Kenya eTA and enjoy their visit to Kenya without any complications.

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Kenya

Kenya is a country rich in natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and vibrant cultures. Here are 10 amazing places to visit in Kenya:

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve: Famous for the Great Migration, this savannah hosts an incredible variety of wildlife, including lions, elephants, and wildebeests.
  • Amboseli National Park: Get iconic views of elephants with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop and explore the park's unique ecosystem.
  • Nairobi: Kenya's capital offers a blend of urban life and wildlife experiences, including Nairobi National Park and the Giraffe Centre.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park: Witness the stunning sight of thousands of flamingos on the shores of this alkaline lake, along with rhinos, lions, and more.
  • Tsavo National Park: One of the largest parks in Kenya, Tsavo is renowned for its diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife.
  • Diani Beach: Enjoy pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters along the Indian Ocean coastline.
  • Lamu Island: Step into the past in Lamu's well-preserved Swahili architecture, rich history, and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Mount Kenya: Trek through equatorial forests and alpine terrain to conquer the second-highest peak in Africa.
  • Samburu National Reserve: Discover unique wildlife like the Grevy's zebra and reticulated giraffe in this remote and striking landscape.
  • Hell's Gate National Park: Experience geothermal activity, towering cliffs, and diverse wildlife while hiking, cycling, or rock climbing.

These destinations showcase Kenya's breathtaking natural wonders and cultural treasures, providing unforgettable experiences for travelers.


If your application is rejected, you may need to reapply with corrected information or contact the eTA support for guidance.

Yes, depending on the type of eTA, you can have single or multiple entries for tourism, business, or transit.

The validity of the eTA depends on the type obtained and the purpose of your visit. It's essential to check the specific details during the application process.

Yes, upon approval, it's recommended to print the eTA approval to present upon arrival in Kenya.

Check with relevant health authorities for any required vaccinations or health precautions before traveling to Kenya.