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Kenyan Consulate General in Los Angeles

Kenyan Consulate General in Los Angeles United States of America is a strong bond of communication between Kenya Government and United States of America.



Head of Mission:

  • Maurice Nakitare, Consul General
  • Consulate Appointment or Contact Kenyan Consulate General in Los Angeles : Visit only by Appointment

    For consular service, you must book an appointment, You are advised to book on normal working hours via making a phone call or email on [email protected]. Also for more details please check in first instance the consulate website for enquiries contact form

    Kenya Consulates in United States of America may prioritize Appointment for Kenya citizens or have dedicated support.

    If unfortunately unable to get contact here, one should try to the Kenyan Embassy in Washington , Kenyan Consulate in New York ,
    For your convenience here listed all other representatives of Kenya located in United States of America.

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    *Please help us to update with correct information for Kenyan Consulate General in Los Angeles , if you find this information is not correct.

    Jessica Hughes

    Hi, my family and I are traveling to Kenya at the end of May and we are trying to request an e-visa for Kenya. Since we have been to Kenya before, our Visa Application asks for our previous Visa number. We no longer have that information. Is there a way to get our previous visa numbers from you or somewhere else? Also, on the application, it asks us to download our hotel Reservations. We are staying with our friends in Kenya, who is Kenyan. We have no document to download but can not submit the application without a downloaded document there. What should we do about this? Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jessica Hughes

    Jonathan Will

    Hi there, I have been trying to apply for the EVisa for almost three weeks now. I am not sure why it is asking me for a company name and letter. I have been reaching out to immigration by email, calls, and no luck. Help me, please.


    I am travelling tomorrow with my family because we had an emergency. My mother passed away and we are coming for his funeral. I applied for evisa and have not received it please


    We have submitted our travellers Health Surveillance form for each of the 4 of us travelling together, but we have not received anything confirming it has been approved, nor a QR code. We commenced our journey in 7 hours to Mombasa. What can we do?


    Dear team, I am trying really hard to make an official family reunion happen, but the issue is the visa for the Somali family. If I understand correctly, people from Somalia do not qualify for an e-visa here. But isn‘t the embassy in Mogadishu still closed? So what should we do? We have an official appointment at the IOM in Nairobi on 3rd of August. Please help us. Greetings, legal guiardian of a female underaged refugee


    Dear Sir/Madam, I applied for e visa almost a week a go with the temporary application nr. EK5373529LIV.i have paid it but something is wrong from your side because i called my bank and they said everything from this side looks good the problem is i will be travelling on 4th next month with my family. But till now i have not gotten any approval yet with the e visa i will attach down here a proved of payed online receipts. But please if you cant be able to take the money online can i pay please with an account number please seems i have been having trouble with the e visa website. Please I will appreciate it if you get back to me as soon as you can so that i can know about the process and in case I missed something i will be very much in touch. Please if you can not withdraw the money send me an account number please. Thank You very much


    Hello, I submitted an application for a visa for myself and my daughter but had no response yet. I would like to kindly enquire about the status: Myself:(application made on 28 June 2021) Ref. number RMEV-RPSD7ZMQ My daughter: (application made on 28 June 2021) Ref. number: RMEV-23SQAPM6 Thank you very much in advance,


    Hi, I have a family of four travelling to Kenya in a couple of weeks. We completed the forms online on May16th and paid the fee, $51 each. My two kids are under 18. Our confirmation codes are: SEV-DQSPR2M3 and SEV-BVSK 9ZJ Can you please let me know the status of the application? I have not received an email yet.

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