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Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form

As per the latest directives from Kenya's government, all foreign travellers eligible to fly to Kenya need to complete a Health Surveillance form online to meet the COVID-19 safety requirements to enter the country.

Before completing the form, please reach this guide to understand how to fill out the travel health certificate when applying for a applying for a Kenya e Visa.

What's a Traveler Health Surveillance Form?

According to the Kenyan law under the Public Health Act CAP 242, all foreigners intending to visit Kenya will provide certain information to a Port Health Officer by submitting an online form before departing their home country.

Apart from other general questions, the form requires travellers to confirm whether they have tested for a PCR-based COVID-19 test and hold a negative PCR test certificate. The test result should be issued a maximum of 96 hours prior to departure from the first embarkation point.

However, there's an exception for diplomatic passport holders who should have a PCR test taken a maximum of seven days before their intended date of arrival in Kenya.

Who Has to Provide a Kenya Travel Health Certificate?

All travellers will have to provide the online Kenya travelers health surveillance form before departing for Kenya, even if they plan to transit through the country to enter an onward destination.

How Can You Obtain the Health Surveillance Form?

  • The Kenya travel health certificate is easily obtained while applying for an e-Visa to Kenya.
  • After completing the Kenya e Visa application form with personal, travel, and passport-related information, you will be directed to the payment form to pay the visa processing fee. On the same page, you will find an option to submit the Traveler Health Surveillance Form.
  • After completing and submitting the form with the e-Visa application, you will receive a QR code if your application is approved. Present this code to port health officials after arriving in Kenya to gain entry permission.
  • Travellers who don't need to apply for and obtain a visa to enter Kenya should submit a travel health certificate.

Information Required to Complete the Online Form

In the online Health Surveillance form, you will have to answer several personal and professional life questions, passport and travel data, and other aspects.

  • Please make sure to provide accurate and valid information. Use the passport with which you have applied for Kenya e-Visa to complete the Traveler Health Surveillance form.
  • If you are a dual national, select the country of your choice when applying and mention it in the nationality section.
  • Use the information mentioned on your passport's biography page to fill out personal and passport data.
  • Provide a valid email address because you will receive the QR code on the address you provide in the Health Surveillance form.
  • There is a section on travel information. Please make sure to include the correct flight number, airline, and seat data. Any mismatch may delay the processing of your visa.
  • You will have to answer medical history related questions honestly.
  • Please provide the name and contact number of Next of Kin, including their postal address.

Travellers Health Surveillance Form

Providing the following information to a Port Health Officer is required under the Public Health Act CAP 242 of the laws of Kenya, and is being collected as part of public health response to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Kindly note that fields marked with * are required, they must be filled before submitting the form.

First name: * First Name, example Jane
Middle name: Middle Name
Last name: * Last Name, example Doe
Gender : *   Male
Select your Gender
Date of Birth : * Select Day Select Month  Select Year
Nationality : * Select Nationality 
Country of Origin : * Select Country
Date of Arrival in Kenya: * Day    Month     Year
ID / Passport Number : * National ID or Passport Number
Phone Number : *  Select the correct country code first.

Email address Email Address: [email protected]

Confirmation QR Code will be sent to this email.

Airline : *Select Airline

Flight Number : * Flight Number
Seat Number : * Seat Number
Destination City : Destination City, Example: Nairobi
Countries Visited : Which country have you recently visited?
Fever (37.5°C or higher): * Do you have a fever? Yes     No
Feverish : * Are you feeling feverish? Yes     No
Negative Covid19 PCR : * Do you have a Negative PCR certificate? Yes      No
Chills : * Do you have chills? Yes    No
Cough : * Do you have a cough? Yes     No
Difficulty in breathing : * Are you having difficulty breathing Yes   No
Name of Contact Person (Next of Kin): Name of your Next of Kin 
Phone Number of Contact Person : Phone Number of your Next of Kin
Village/House Number/Hotel : residence
Sublocation/Estate : Sublocation or Estate
Postal Address : Postal Address
Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form

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