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Embassy and Consulate of Kenya

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office aims to preserve, develop and extend foreign policy overseas by Kenya's constitution. The country stands to its core values to preserve and cultivate its roots and tradition. It also aims to contribute towards inventive and modernistic diplomacy around the world.

The Embassy and Consulate of Kenya envisions a peaceful, promising and thriving relationship to all its five pillars of diplomacy (Economic diplomacy, Peace diplomacy, Environmental Diplomacy, Cultural diplomacy, and Diaspora diplomacy) by establishing the following objectives:

  • Protect and preserve the country's territorial solitude and sovereignty;
  • Participate in projects to promote Kenya's interests;
  • Support Kenya's advocacy inside and outside its borders to maintain peace, stability, and security;
  • Boost and strengthen intercontinental relation for economic growth, international trade and investment, Public Diplomacy, and Stakeholders Engagement;
  • Establish awareness for Kenya Diaspora Policy and improving the Consular services abroad;
  • Manage the foreign policy of Kenya and its bilateral and multilateral Relations;
  • Enhance and reinforce Kenya's policy and institutional role and functions;

Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to serve all customers with courtesy and timeliness and promotes team synergy for effective delivery of tasks. Staff upholds integrity and loyalty to the constitution of Kenya, are trained to perform a high level of competence and professionalism and embody transparency to their work. Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs sides and deliver justice, impartiality, and diversity.

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