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10 Photogenic Spots in Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.

10 Photogenic Spots in Kenya

From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Here are 5 photogenic spots in Nairobi:

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, has several photogenic spots that capture the essence of its vibrant culture, urban landscapes, and natural beauty. 

1. Nairobi National Park:

Nairobi National Park

As one of the few national parks within a city, Nairobi National Park offers a unique opportunity to capture wildlifeagainst a backdrop of skyscrapers. The park is home to a variety of animals, including lions, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos.

Visitors are required to present their National ID (for Kenyan citizens) or Passport displaying Work permits or appropriate Visas to prove resident status upon entrance into the reserve. Visitors without a valid passport are required to pay the non-resident rates.

2. Giraffe Centre:

Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1974 to help conserve the Rothschild giraffe, a subspecies of giraffe that is endangered.

This conservation centre allows visitors to get up close and personal with endangered Rothschild's giraffes. Photographing these gentle creatures and their interactions with humans creates memorable moments.

The centre provides a picturesque setting for photography, capturing the beauty of the giraffes and their interactions with humans.

3. Karura Forest:

Karura Forest

 This urban green space provides a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. The forest features walking trails, waterfalls, and tranquil landscapes, perfect for capturing nature and outdoor activities.

Karura Forest is a protected urban forest and recreational park that spans over 1,000 acres. It features lush greenery, walking and cycling trails, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. The forest offers a peaceful and picturesque environment, perfect for capturing the beauty of nature through photography.

Within Karura Forest, you'll find various photogenic spots, such as the tranquil Karura Waterfall, which cascades down a series of rocks, creating a soothing and scenic atmosphere. The waterfall provides an excellent subject for capturing long exposure shots or capturing the vibrant greenery surrounding it.

4. Maasai Market:

Maasai Market

 Nairobi's Maasai Market offers a vibrant and colourful display of traditional Maasai crafts, jewellery, and clothing. The market's bustling atmosphere and unique merchandise provide ample photography subjects.

The Maasai Market is a must-visit destination for those seeking a cultural experience and an opportunity to purchase authentic Kenyan souvenirs. It is a vibrant hub where local artisans and traders gather to sell their handmade crafts and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Kenya.

While exploring the market, photographers can capture candid shots of artisans at work, capturing the intricate details of their craftsmanship. The vibrant Maasai attire and the distinctive beadwork of the Maasai people present opportunities for capturing striking portraits and cultural expressions.

5. Nairobi Railway Station:

Nairobi Railway Station

Nairobi Terminus is a railway station on the Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) located in Syokimau, just south of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The station's architectural style reflects a blend of European and African influences, with its grand entrance, arched windows, and decorative elements. The iconic clock tower stands tall, making it a recognizable feature of the cityscape.

Photographically, Nairobi Railway Station offers opportunities to capture the rich history and vibrant atmosphere. The bustling activities of passengers, vendors, and station staff provide a lively backdrop for street photography.

These photogenic spots in Nairobi offer a mix of wildlife, cultural experiences, urban landscapes, and natural beauty. Whether capturing wildlife in the heart of the city or exploring the cultural and historical sites, there are numerous opportunities to capture the essence of Nairobi through your lens.

Here are 5 photogenic spots in Mombasa:

Mombasa, located on the coast of Kenya, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture.

1. Fort Jesus: 

Fort Jesus

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an iconic landmark in Mombasa. The 16th-century Portuguese fort showcases a blend of the views of the Mombasa Old Town and the Indian Ocean.

The Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th Portuguese military fortification and a landmark in the history of this type of construction.

Fort Jesus in Mombasa provides a captivating setting for photographers, combining history, architecture, and cultural heritage. Whether capturing the fortress from the outside, exploring the exhibits inside, or immersing yourself in the surrounding environment, there are numerous opportunities to create memorable and visually striking images.

2. Haller Park: 

Haller Park

Formerly a quarry, Haller Park has been transformed into a nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary. It offers opportunities to photograph various animals, including giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species.

3. Mombasa Old Town:

Mombasa Old Town

Known for its narrow streets, ancient architecture, and vibrant markets, Mombasa Old Town is a UNESCO-designated cultural heritage site. The colourful buildings and bustling streets provide a charming and photogenic setting.

Photographing Mombasa Old Town offers a unique opportunity to capture the charm and character of the area. The narrow streets lined with intricately carved wooden doors, colourful buildings adorned with ornate balconies and verandas, and the remnants of ancient fortifications provide a visually captivating backdrop for photography.

4. Diani Beach:

Diani Beach

Though technically located slightly south of Mombasa, Diani Beach is a must-visit destination. With its pristine white sands, clear waters, and coral reefs, Diani Beach offers countless opportunities for capturing breathtaking beachscapes.

Diani Beach is one of the greatest water sports destinations in East Africa. Kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and scuba-diving are all possible - whatever your pace or skill level, you'll find something to experience at Diani.

After sunset or before sunrise comes the golden hour. Golden hour is quite simply the best time to work on beach landscape photography.

5. Mombasa Marine National Park: 

Mombasa Marine National Park

Known for its diverse marine life and coral reefs, the Marine National Park offers excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. Underwater photography enthusiasts can capture the vibrant marine ecosystem and colourful fish species.

Underwater camera equipment or waterproof cases are essential for capturing the beauty and tranquillity beneath the surface.

Apart from underwater photography, the park's coastline and islands offer opportunities for landscape photography. The pristine white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and picturesque rock formations create a scenic backdrop for capturing seascapes and coastal vistas.

These photogenic spots in Mombasa offer a mix of historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. Whether you're capturing the charm of Mombasa Old Town, the tranquillity of the beaches, or the vibrant local life, there are plenty of opportunities to create memorable photographs in this coastal gem.




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