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Backpacking Guide: Essential Resources for Exploring Kenya

If you're an independent or young traveler, travel blogger, couple traveler, backpacker, budget traveler, hitchhiker, surfer, or hiker, this comprehensive guide is tailored to your adventurous spirit. Here, you will find invaluable travel advice, backpacking tips, hiking gear reviews, money-saving strategies, must-see attractions, activity suggestions, dining options, accommodation tips, and more for your exciting journey through Kenya.

backpacking guide essential resources for exploring kenya

Travel Blogs and Guidebooks

TripAdvisor: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

TripAdvisor, an unparalleled travel blog, offers advice and information on everything related to backpacking, travel, adventure, lodging, and more worldwide. Discover recommendations for airport transfers, volunteering opportunities, hotels, and accommodations in any corner of the globe.

Lonely Planet: The Ultimate Guidebook and Map Resource

For guidebooks and maps, Lonely Planet is your go-to source. With updated information and comprehensive visual aids, Lonely Planet equips you with the best images, maps, and details required for every destination you're exploring.

Nomadic Matt: Unlocking Budget Travel Secrets

Nomadic Matt's website has long been a trusted resource for budget travel tips. If you believe that travel is expensive and limited to a select few, explore this guide to uncover strategies for affordable travel that can be enjoyed by everyone.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Smart Traveling on a Budget

Authored by Nomadic Matt, this guide delves into the art of traveling on a tight budget or even with minimal funds. Benefit from tested information to plan your journeys and learn about volunteering and working abroad opportunities.

Booking Flights

Google Flights: Your Flight Search Engine

Google Flights stands as the premier online platform for booking cost-effective flights to any destination. It provides real-time pricing and destination information, aiding you in securing the best deals.

Expedia: Your Comprehensive Travel Partner

Expedia offers insights into the most economical options available from airlines across the globe. Beyond flights, you can explore travel insurance, hotels, airport pickups, car rentals, and outdoor activities. Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts.

Airtreks: Leading in Round-the-World Tickets

When considering round-trip tickets, Airtreks is a frontrunner. Create customized itineraries using their search engine, allowing you to choose from multiple airlines for a tailor-made journey.

Momondo: Comparing Flights for Savings

Momondo specializes in comparing flights, even highlighting days when fares are at their lowest through a convenient calendar feature. Its focus on low-cost airlines maximizes your chances of finding budget-friendly flights.

Budget Accommodation Your Accommodation Hub is the premier search engine for finding accommodations. Whether you're seeking a hostel, cottage, campsite, hotel, or homestay, this site offers options across various price ranges, ensuring great deals for all travelers.

Airbnb: Sharing Economy Accommodations

Airbnb is a sharing economy platform where you can choose from a diverse pool of hosts willing to rent out rooms at affordable rates. This innovative application connects travelers with welcoming hosts for unique and budget-friendly stays.

Hotel Combined: Comprehensive Hotel Search

Hotel Combined simplifies your hotel search by allowing you to compare options from leading booking sites like Agoda and Find the best deals on accommodations with ease.

Hostelworld and HostelBookers: Hostel Specialists

Hostelworld and HostelBookers cater to backpackers by providing access to hostels and traveler lounges around the world. With options in over 170 countries, these platforms offer affordable lodging choices.

Couchsurfing: The Sharing Experience

Couchsurfing offers an authentic local experience by connecting you with hosts who provide free accommodations. While you might not always get a full room, this sharing economy platform offers a couch or air mattress for a unique stay.

Jobs and Volunteering

Grassroots Volunteering: Connecting Travelers to Causes

Grassroots Volunteering empowers travelers to engage with causes and communities in their travel destinations. Its dual database helps you find organizations around the world where you can contribute meaningfully.

WorkAway: Volunteering for Cultural Exchange

WorkAway facilitates cultural exchange by connecting volunteers with hosts worldwide. As a WorkAway volunteer, you exchange your assistance with hosts' daily activities while immersing yourself in their cultures.

WWOOFing: Volunteering on Organic Farms

WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) links volunteers with organic farms seeking help globally. In exchange for your contributions, you receive free accommodation, meals, and local tours. Volunteering with Community Impact enables you to volunteer within local communities, offering skills such as teaching languages or assisting with construction projects. In return, you receive free accommodation and meals.

Insurance and Other Tools

World Nomads: Travel Insurance Experts

World Nomads leads in providing travel insurance for independent travelers. Access a range of plans from across the world, and benefit from their additional resources, including writing scholarships and guides for travel writers and bloggers.

SquareMouth: Compare Travel Insurance Policies

Similar to World Nomads, SquareMouth enables you to research and compare policies from major travel insurance providers, though it's limited to the United States.

OneSimCard: International SIM Card Solution

OneSimCard offers an international SIM card that allows free incoming calls in over 150 countries. You can also make low-cost voice and data calls to any country, making communication while traveling hassle-free.

Trains and Road Transport

The Man in Seat 61: Train and Ship Travel Wisdom

The Man in Seat 61 is an essential resource for train and ship travel information. Rediscover the pleasure, romance, and adventure of train and ferry travel with comprehensive insights and guidance.

Swvl Kenya: Affordable and Convenient Transportation

Swvl Kenya offers tech-driven, convenient, and budget-friendly transportation services, enabling seamless movement within cities for individuals, businesses, and communities.

BlaBlaCar: Long-Distance Carpooling Network

BlaBlaCar, the leading long-distance carpooling service, connects drivers with passengers traveling in the same direction. Share rides with fellow travelers for cost-effective and sociable journeys.

Travel Gear

Backpackers Den: Your Outdoor Gear Haven

Backpackers Den Gear Shop Kenya offers a range of outdoor clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking gear, and lightweight tents. Catering to travelers, backpackers, hikers, climbers, and trekkers, their selection covers your needs.

Globo Surf: Personalized Gear Guidance

Globo Surf is dedicated to water-related activities, assisting people in finding the right gear for their adventures. Their mission is to provide personalized help to ensure you're equipped for your water-based pursuits.

Visa and Online Travel Pass

eVisa: Easy Online Kenya Visa

eVisa provides a convenient way to obtain your Kenya visa online. By filling out a simple form and selecting your processing speed, you can secure your travel pass efficiently through Byevisa.

Embark on your Kenyan adventure armed with these essential resources, ensuring a memorable, budget-friendly, and fulfilling backpacking experience.




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