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Kenya Announces Visa-Free Travel for All Starting January 2024

In an unprecedented move set to revolutionize travel, Kenya has announced the abolition of visa requirements for global visitors, beginning January 2024. This significant policy change, unveiled by Kenyan President William Ruto on December 12, aims to boost tourism and encourage international connections.

Kenya Announces Visa-Free Travel for All Starting January 2024

As part of this transformative initiative, the Kenyan government introduced a cutting-edge digital platform designed to simplify entry procedures. President Ruto, at a momentous event in Nairobi commemorating Kenya's 60th Independence Anniversary, highlighted this digital innovation. It's designed to replace the conventional visa application process with a more efficient electronic travel authorization system, reflecting President Ruto's commitment to facilitating easier access to Kenya for worldwide travelers.

This strategic move is not only a testament to President Ruto's vision for a visa-free African continent but also an extension of his earlier pledge. At a conference in the Republic of Congo in October, he announced that African citizens could enjoy visa-free entry to Kenya by the end of 2023, underlining efforts to foster stronger regional ties and cooperation within Africa.

Tourism, a pivotal sector in Kenya's economy, is set to receive a significant boost from this decision. The country, celebrated for its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, eagerly anticipates welcoming more international tourists. This opportunity allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich experiences Kenya offers, from its stunning Indian Ocean coastline to the exhilarating wildlife safaris.

Kenya Announces Visa-Free Travel for All Starting January 2024

With a heartwarming invitation, "Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!", President Ruto encapsulates the nation's ethos of openness and inclusivity. This landmark decision marks a major step in Kenya's journey towards becoming a leading global hub for tourism and cultural exchange.

Navigating Entry Costs to Kenya

Exciting news for world travelers! Starting in January 2024, Kenya is simplifying travel by eliminating visa requirements for tourists. However, there's a new Entry Permit Application (ETA) fee of $30 (about Ksh. 4,500) to note. As per the Ministry of Interior's November 2023 gazette notice, this change not only makes entry smoother but also helps in revenue generation.

Kenya Opens its Doors: ETA Makes Exploring Easier Than Ever

Good news, globetrotters! Kenya's ditching visas for everyone starting January 2024. Just apply for an online Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and say "Hakuna Matata" to paperwork woes!

What's the catch?

  • ETA fee: $30 (but no visa fees!)
  • Other fees: Check out the table below for details.

Who needs an ETA?

  • Anyone except:
    • Citizens of 15 ECOWAS nations (visa-free for 90 days)
    • East African Community citizens (visa-free)
    • Certain Commonwealth Agreement members (visa-free)
    • US & Canadian citizens (visa-free)

How does it work?

  1. Apply for ETA online.
  2. Pay the fee.
  3. Get approved (woohoo!).
  4. Enjoy Kenya's magic at your own pace!

Fees at a glance:





Single Entry Visa


Multiple Entry Visa


5-year Multiple Entry Visa


Visa Extension (after 6 months)


Overstay Sanctions & Referral/Multiple Entry Visa Processing


Transit Visa


East African Tourism Visa


Iran joins the party, while Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia offer warm welcomes

Good news for globetrotting Indians! Your passport just got even mightier. With Iran's recent announcement of visa-free entry for travelers from 33 countries, including India, the number of destinations you can explore without visa hassles has jumped to an impressive 57. This exciting news follows similar moves by Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia, all eager to attract Indian tourists and experience the wonders of our diverse land.

Iran joins the party,

Whether you dream of trekking through the majestic Himalayas, soaking up the sun on tropical beaches, or immersing yourself in rich cultural heritage, there's a visa-free paradise waiting for you. From the ancient mysteries of Iran to the bustling streets of Bangkok, the vibrant spice markets of Morocco to the turquoise waters of Fiji, the world is your oyster with an Indian passport.




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