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Adventurous Journey: Riding a Motorcycle from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania

Motorcycle road trips around Africa are always fun! A friend and I embarked on a journey to Tanzania via the Namanga border. Before the trip, we had everything in check and ready to go the previous day.

adventurous journey riding a motorcycle from nairobi to arusha tanzania

Pre-Ride Preparation: The Checklist for Thrills

Motorcycle Readiness:

  • Thorough Servicing: Ensuring Peak Performance
  • TCLOCKS: Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, Kickstand, Sidestand
  • Ample Fuel Supply: A Journey Without Hiccups
  • Valid Motorcycle Insurance: A Safety Net on the Open Road
  • Essential Toolkit: Mechanic-in-a-Box

Crucial Documentation:

  • Valid Driver's License: The Key to the Journey
  • Motorcycle Logbook: Proving Ownership
  • Insurance Cover: Riding Legally and Safely
  • Travel Passport: Crossing Borders with Ease
  • Yellow Fever Card: Health Safety on International Roads

Travel Essentials:

  • Full Motorcycle Gear: Safety First, Always
  • First Aid Kit: Preparedness for the Unexpected
  • Spare Clothes: Comfort and Versatility
  • Go-Pro Camera: Capturing Every Moment
  • Wet Wipes: Cleanliness on the Go
  • Energizing Snacks: Fuel for the Adventure
  • Selfie Stick: Documenting the Expedition
  • Wallet and Plastic Money: Financial Freedom Away from Home

Day 1: Nairobi to Namanga Border: Gearing Up for the Expedition

Setting off at 9 AM from Nairobi, accompanied by a friend till Athi-River, we were on our way to Tanzania via the Namanga border. Smooth traffic and ideal weather conditions allowed for a seamless ride. Arriving at the Namanga border around 2 PM, we connected with our contact who assisted with the cross-border documentation process.

Crossing into Tanzania: Requirements and Permits

  • Kenyan Passport
  • Valid Driving License
  • Motorcycle Logbook (in the rider's name)
  • Yellow Fever Card
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Optional Personal Medical Cover

Post-clearance, we continued to Arusha, reaching Green Mountain Hotel after a two-hour journey. With budget-friendly rates and excellent facilities, it was an ideal place to recharge.

Day 2: Arusha to Taveta: Exploring En Route

After thorough motorcycle checks, we hit Arusha's streets, refueled, and withdrew money for the road. Though the Arusha to Taveta distance is approximately 6 hours, our adventure stretched to 8 hours due to captivating detours. A visit to Light In Africa children’s home in Kilimanjaro left an indelible mark, inspiring a sense of volunteerism.

Day 3: Return Journey: Reflecting on an Incredible Expedition

Starting at 9 AM, our return to Nairobi was smooth until a low fuel indication emerged midway to Namanga. Maneuvering at 60 km/h for an hour, we made it to Namanga. Joined by fellow riders, we refueled, captured memories, and concluded the journey with a satisfying lunch.

Noteworthy Highlights of the Expedition

Best Road: Arusha – Namanga

  • Clear, smooth stretches with minimal traffic and occasional curves for the ultimate riding experience.

Budget Accommodation: Green Mountain Hotel – Arusha

  • Offering affordability without compromising comfort, starting at Kshs 2000/- per night with breakfast.

Must-Visit Places:

  • Arusha National Park: Nature's Grandeur on Display
  • Light in Africa Children’s Home – Moshi: Inspiring Change and Community
  • Njiru Shopping Complex: Exploring Local Flavors and Culture
  • Glimpse of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro: Majestic Peaks in Sight
  • Arusha Clock Tower: A Symbol of the City's Vibrant Spirit
  • Safari Makers: Adventure Awaits in the Wild

Motorcycle Mastery:

  • Optimal Motorcycle Condition: Smooth Ride Guaranteed
  • Respect Traffic Rules: Safety is Paramount
  • Fuel Adequacy: Avoiding Unplanned Stops
  • Safety First, Adventure Second: The Golden Rule of Riding

Embarking on this thrilling expedition from Nairobi to Arusha isn't just a journey; it's a transformational experience through breathtaking landscapes, heartwarming encounters, and personal growth. Prepare well, ride safe, and embrace the adventure!




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