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Kenya Covid-19 Information

Kenya Covid-19 Information


Effective from January 26, the Kenyan government has announced all airline passengers to the United States (U.S.) aged two years or above must provide a negative COVID-19 test. They must take the test within three days of travel. Or else, those travelling to the U.S. should provide documentation proof issued by a licensed health care provider of Covid-19 recovery within the 90 days before travelling to Kenya. 

COVID-19 Information:

There were 113,967 confirmed coronavirus cases in Kenya as of March 15, 2021. There have been over 88,590 recovered patients and 1,918 related deaths.

  • Restaurants and bars will shut down by 9:00 pm. 
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in all public areas. The government will not facilitate individuals without masks.
  • Places of worship will start to re-open in phases following the guidelines from the Inter-Faith Council. The allotted maximum size of religious gatherings will increase to 1/3 of the standard sitting capacity.
  • The number of people to attend weddings and funerals must not exceed a max limit of 200. All the attendees will have to abide by the Ministry of Health Protocols. 
  • The government resumed domestic air travel from July 2020 as per the Ministry of Health and Transport guidelines, whereas International flights resumed in August 2020.
  • In-person learning for all grades resumed from January 4, 2021, under strict health and safety protocols. Some colleges and universities resumed in-person learning in September 2020.
  • There’s no restriction on inland border crossings except for commercial trucks.

COVID-19 Testing FAQs:

Can U.S. citizens avail themselves of PCR or Antigen tests in Kenya?

Yes, they can. PCR testing is available all over Kenya, and antigen tests will be readily available in 2021.

Will the test results be authentic and issued within 72 hours?

That is true. The test results are reliable. However, their turnaround time may vary outside of major metropolitan cities. Hence, you should confirm the turnaround time with the lab.

Where are the PCR testing facilities available in Kenya?

All of the country’s major hospitals and private laboratories provide PCR testing facilities. You can confidently get tested through Agha Khan Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, and Nairobi Hospital. The most reliable private laboratories offering PCR testing include Meditest Diagnostics and Lancet laboratories.

What are the approximate charges for the test?

Private health facilities may charge approx. USD 100/KES 10,000 for the test, and government hospitals will charge around USD 50/KES 5,000. Test results are available in 24 to 96 hours, depending on the location and laboratory.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

Has the Kenyan government approved a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes, it has. The country’s health ministry received 24 million COVID-19 AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccines in mid-February. However, please remember that the U.S. government doesn’t plan to offer COVID-19 vaccination to private US citizens overseas. Hence, you should follow the host country’s guidelines for vaccination. Click here for information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 vaccination

Entry and Exit Requirements:

Can U.S. citizens enter Kenya?

Yes, U.S. travellers arriving in Kenya can enter if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The passenger’s body temperature doesn’t exceed 37.5°C (99.5°F). 
  2. The passenger doesn’t show any signs/symptoms of persistent cough, breathing difficulty, or flu.
  3. The passenger has a negative PCR-based coronavirus test taken within 96 hours before travel.

Is a negative Covid-19 test necessary to enter and exit Kenya?

Yes, it is necessary. All passengers who arrive in Kenya or are in transit through Kenya must hold a negative PCR Covid-19 certificate. Moreover, the test must be conducted within 96 hours before travelling. 

Similarly, all outgoing travellers should obtain a negative Covid-19 certificate according to the Trusted Traveler Initiative, or the PanaBios system is their destination country requires it. Travellers who want to depart from Kenya will first visit an authorized laboratory to obtain a negative PCR COVID-19 test. All laboratories will issue a T.T. code verified by immigration authorities and airlines.

Are health screening procedures available at airports and other Kenyan ports of entry?  

Yes, there are. You can find Port Health forms from the Ministry of Health Kenya website or the Jitenge Ministry of Health mobile app. Visitors will scan the Q.R. code from this app on entry. 

Please remember that from January 1, 2021, all passengers will mandatorily apply for and obtain an electronic visa prior to boarding an inbound aeroplane to Kenya. 

Since the COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, you should check with your airlines, final destination, and transit countries regarding the latest travel requirements. 

Movement Restrictions

Up until March 12, 2021, there was a nightly curfew in place in Kenya. The curfew hours started from 10:00 pm and lasted until 4:00 am. At the moment, there aren’t any restrictions on interstate or intercity travel.

Quarantine Information 

U.S. citizens arriving in Kenya from the U.S. are exempted from quarantine requirements. You can contact Kenyan Covid-19 hotline 719 or consult the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C. for further information. 

Transportation Options

Commercial flights and public transportation are operating in Kenya without interruption. Individuals travelling via private or public transport should wear a protective face mask. Any non-compliance to health and hygiene-related protocols will result in a fine. For violating the curfew, the individual may get arrested and put under mandatory quarantine for 14 days. 

Consular Operations

  • American Citizens Services for Passport Renewal and Notarial Services

You can book an appointment at the US Embassy in Nairobi for routine passport renewals and notarial services. Each applicant will have to schedule a separate appointment. Submit your request to seek an emergency service from the department, including CRBA services. Send your requests and queries to [email protected].

The US Embassy in Kenya hasn't resumed its regular immigrant and non-immigrant visa services. If you need to travel on an urgent basis, kindly follow the visa application guidelines and check this site to request an emergency appointment

Please Note:

  • All individuals entering the US Embassy will be subject to body temperature screening. If an elevated temperature is detected, they may be refused entry. 
  • The US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, also covers the Somalian consular district. Please check the embassy's website for Somalia for any information related to the COVID-19 situation in Somalia and mandatory guidelines.




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