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Kenya Suspends E-Visa After Cyberattack

Kenya Suspends E-Visa After CyberattackAs of now, Kenya offers the convenience of online e-visa applications, allowing eligible travelers from around the world to apply for their visas electronically. This streamlined process has simplified visa acquisition for those planning to visit Kenya.

Event Date: July 27, [2023]

Overview: Kenyan authorities have taken the proactive step of suspending government e-visa services due to a cyberattack that occurred on July 27

While the suspected perpetrator has not been disclosed, the impact of this incident is significant, affecting not only the digital visa application process but also potentially causing disruptions at key airports in Kenya, including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) and Mombasa Moi International Airport (MOI). 

Travelers planning to visit Kenya are advised to stay updated on the situation and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans.

Event Details

Cyberattack on E-Visa Services:

  • On July 27, a cyberattack targeted Kenya's government e-visa services.
  • The exact nature and extent of the attack have not been disclosed.
  • Authorities have not yet identified the suspected perpetrator.

Suspension of E-Visa Services:

  • In response to the cyberattack, Kenyan authorities have temporarily suspended the e-visa application and issuance process.
  • Travelers are advised that they will not be able to apply for e-visas during this period.

Visa Issuance Upon Arrival:

  • To ensure smooth entry for travelers, Kenyan authorities have advised all airlines to board passengers as entry visas will be issued upon arrival in Kenya.
  • This measure is intended to minimize disruptions to travel plans.

No Estimated Timeline for Restoration:

  • As of now, there is no official estimate for when normal e-visa services will be restored.
  • Travelers are encouraged to stay updated on official announcements from Kenyan authorities for any developments regarding the resumption of e-visa services.

Potential Disruptions

  • Travelers should be prepared for potential disruptions at major Kenyan airports, including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) and Mombasa Moi International Airport (MOI).
  • Delays in immigration and customs processes are possible due to the transition to visa issuance upon arrival.

Additional Cybersecurity Concerns:

  • Given the cyberattack on government services, there is a heightened risk of further cyber incidents targeting governmental institutions and critical services.
  • Travelers and organizations operating in Kenya should remain vigilant and take appropriate cybersecurity measures.

Traveler's Advice

Travelers with plans to visit Kenya in the near future should confirm the status of their Kenya e-visa applications and make any necessary adjustments to their travel plans.

Monitor Updates:

  • Stay informed about any updates or changes to entry conditions issued by Kenyan authorities.
  • Regularly check for announcements from airlines and embassies for guidance on travel to Kenya during this period.

In summary, the temporary suspension of Kenya's e-visa services following a cyberattack on July 27 has introduced potential disruptions for travelers. Being well-informed and staying up-to-date on official announcements is essential for those planning to visit Kenya in the coming days. Additionally, travelers and organizations should remain vigilant against potential cybersecurity threats.




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