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Kenya-Uganda Tourism Partnership launched

In a significant move to boost tourism collaboration, Kenya and Uganda have officially launched a partnership aimed at enhancing cross-border tourism between the two nations. This initiative seeks to capitalise on the existing connectivity facilitated by airlines and promote tourism experiences in both countries, marking a milestone in regional tourism cooperation.

Kenya-Uganda Tourism Partnership launched

Advancing Cross-Border Tourism Collaboration

Tourism stakeholders operating along the Kenyan Coast are keenly motivated to bolster the productive partnership established with their Ugandan counterparts in order to foster cross-border tourism.

Here are some key ideas:

  • Joint marketing and promotion campaigns
  • Cross-border tourism packages
  • Visa and immigration facilitation
  • Improved transportation and infrastructure
  • Community-based tourism

Specific initiatives could include:

  • Creating a joint cross-border tourism council
  • Developing cross-border tourism training programs
  • Establishing cross-border tourism marketing funds
  • Organising cross-border tourism events

Tourism Stakeholders' Valuable Insights from Her Uganda Visit

The stakeholders' recent visit to Uganda and her participation in the second annual Uganda-Kenya Coast tourism conference have provided valuable insights into Uganda's pivotal role as a major source market for Kenya in Africa.

Tourism Stakeholders' Valuable

  • Uganda's Diverse Attractions

She highlights Uganda's diverse attractions, including marine life, historic sites, biodiversity, and historical significance. She also mentions specific attractions such as Fort Jesus, Arabuko Sokoke Tropical Forest, and Kenyatta caves.

  • Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference

The upcoming Uganda-Kenya Coast tourism conference aims to boost tourism development along the Kenyan Coast and the broader Uganda circuit. It encourages seamless travel between both nations and cross-border tourism.

  • US Overtakes UK as Kenya's Leading International Tourist Market

A recent Tourism Research Institute (TRI) report reveals that the United States (US) has surpassed the United Kingdom (UK) as the leading source of international tourists to Kenya. This shift is attributed to increased American tourism, partly driven by more cruise ships visiting Mombasa's port and Kenya Airways' expanded direct flights to the US post-Covid-19 disruptions.

  • Remarkable Growth at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), the country's largest international airport, saw an impressive 64.97 percent increase in passenger numbers last year compared to 2021. This significant growth underscores the recovery and expansion of Kenya's tourism sector.

2nd Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference 2023 to Gather Over 300 Industry Players

2nd Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference

The 2nd Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference 2023, scheduled for November 13-14, is expected to attract over 300 tourism professionals from both countries. The conference will be followed by excursions along the Kenya Coast (November 15-18) and a familiarisation trip to Uganda (November 22-December 3).

The conference's theme, "Consolidating Networks, Synergies & Diversity to maximise the tourism potential between Uganda and Kenya Coastal Region," highlights the importance of regional tourism cooperation. Kenya is Uganda's leading source of tourists, while Uganda is the second-largest source of tourists for Kenya.

A wide range of stakeholders will be represented at the summit, including:

  • Tourism private and public bodies
  • Travel trade
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Transport companies
  • Safari guides
  • Diplomatic community
  • Travel writers
  • Culinary and cuisine specialists
  • Academia
  • Immigration
  • Training institutes
  • Private sector apex bodies (Private Sector Foundation Uganda and Kenya Private Sector Alliance)
  • Chambers of Commerce from both countries

Notable speakers at the conference will include:

  • Minister of State for the Republic of Uganda
  • Minister of State for Tourism
  • Governor of Kwale County
  • Representatives from key organisations such as Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), and Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)

The conference will provide a platform to explore the unique tourist attractions in both the Kenyan and Ugandan coastlines, such as:

  • Beaches and marine tourism in Kenya
  • Mountain gorillas in Uganda
  • Adventure tourism along the Nile in Uganda
  • Cultural and religious tourism in Uganda

These attractions attract tourists from both nations and offer opportunities for collaboration and mutual enhancement of their respective tourism sectors.

The 2nd Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference 2023 is a significant event for the tourism sectors of both countries. It will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to network, share ideas, and explore ways to boost tourism in the region.


What is the Kenya-Uganda tourism partnership, and when was it launched?

The Kenya-Uganda tourism partnership is a collaborative effort between Kenya and Uganda to promote cross-border tourism and strengthen ties in the tourism sector. The partnership was officially launched recently.

What is the main objective of the Kenya-Uganda tourism partnership?

The main objective of the partnership is to enhance cross-border tourism between Kenya and Uganda, encouraging travellers from both countries to explore the diverse attractions and experiences each nation has to offer.

Who are the key stakeholders involved in this partnership?

The partnership involves various tourism stakeholders, including private and public bodies, travel trade, hotels, airlines, transport companies, safari guides, the diplomatic community, travel writers, culinary specialists, academia, immigration, training institutes, and more.

What is the theme of the upcoming Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference in 2023?

The theme of the 2nd Uganda-Kenya Coast Tourism Conference in 2023 is "Consolidating Networks, Synergies & Diversity to maximise the tourism potential between Uganda and Kenya Coastal Region."

What are the key dates for the upcoming conference and related events?

The conference is scheduled to take place from November 13th to 14th, with excursions along the Kenya Coast from November 15th to 18th. There will also be a familiarisation trip to Uganda from November 22nd to December 3rd.

What are the significant tourism attractions in Kenya and Uganda highlighted in this partnership?

The partnership emphasises Kenya's attractions such as its pristine white sand beaches, beachfront hotels, and renowned restaurants. In Uganda, attractions include mountain gorillas, adventure tourism on the Nile, cultural and religious tourism, and diverse landscapes.




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