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Kenya Visa Types

Kenya Visa Types

The Republic of Kenya is a top destination for nature and adventure lovers. In this beautiful country, tourists can witness teeming savannas, impressive volcanoes, and of course, the Big Five: lions, leopards, elephants, African buffalo, and rhinoceroses.

If you're planning to visit Kenya, you're probably wondering which visa applies to your case. In this article, we'll tell you all you need to know about the different Kenya visa types and how you can get some of them online. Let's go!

What are the available visas to visit Kenya?

Depending on your nationality and the length and reason for your trip, you might need to apply for a different Kenya visa.

Kenya Tourist Visa

The Kenya Tourist visa is an electronic travel authorization granted by the Kenyan government so that you can visit this country legally and safely for tourism purposes.

  • Type: Single Entry
  • Maximum Stay: 90 days in Total
  • Application: Obtainable online without visiting an embassy or consulate.

Note: For multiple-entry visas, contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

Kenya Visa on Arrival

The Kenya Visa On Arrival is stamped directly at the airport by immigration officials. There's no need to process this visa in advance. You only need a valid passport and at least two blank pages to get your visa stamped.

Note: This visa is available for select nationalities. Check eligibility with a visa checker tool.

Kenya Transit Visa

If you have a connecting flight through Kenya, you might need a Kenya transit visa. The visa is necessary for those travelers who will exceed the 72-hour transit time or who have a shorter transit time but wish to leave the transit area at the airport. 

This Kenya single-entry visa is valid for 3 days. You'll need to provide an onward ticket and a valid passport to obtain it.

East Africa Tourist Visa

The East Africa Tourist Visa is an electronic document that allows travelers to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda on a unified visa. 

This visa exists through a partnership among these countries to boost regional travel and enable tourists to explore East Africa's diverse culture, nature, and wildlife.

Application for the East Africa Tourist Visa can typically be done online.

Who can apply for the Kenya Visa?

Citizens of the following countries can apply fully online for the Kenya Visa:

(List of eligible countries omitted for brevity)

How do I apply for a Kenya Visa?

To apply for this visa, you need to complete these three simple steps:

  • Fill out the online application form: Provide your details as stated in your passport, and select your preferred processing time and fee.
  • Review and Payment: Double-check the information for accuracy and select your payment method (credit or debit card).
  • Upload Required Documents and Apply: Submit all the necessary documents as specified in the requirements.

Once ready, you will receive your visa via email in PDF format. It is recommended to print a hard copy of your visa for presentation to immigration services upon arrival.

What are the Kenya Visa requirements?

The Kenya Visa requirements refer to the specific documents and information that individuals need to submit when applying for a Kenyan visa, particularly the Kenya Tourist Visa. Meeting these requirements is essential to ensure that your visa application is processed successfully. Here's doucment of the Kenya Visa requirements:

  • Passport: You must have a valid passport that is in good condition. Ensure that your passport has at least six months of validity beyond your intended date of departure from Kenya. It should also have a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamping.
  • Online Visa Application Form: Complete the online Kenya visa application form with accurate and up-to-date information. The form typically includes personal details, contact information, travel plans, and passport details. It's crucial to provide information that matches the details on your passport.
  • Passport-Sized Photo: You will need to upload a recent passport-sized photograph as part of your online application. The photo should meet the specifications outlined by the Kenyan immigration authorities, such as size, background color, and other specific requirements.
  • Airline Confirmation: Provide proof of your confirmed round-trip or onward flight booking. This confirms that you have a legitimate reason to visit Kenya and that you intend to leave the country within the specified visa validity period.
  • Proof of Accommodation: You may be required to show evidence of your accommodation arrangements in Kenya. This could be in the form of a hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from a host, or other relevant documentation indicating where you will be staying during your visit.
  • Cover Letter (if applicable): Some visa applicants may need to submit a cover letter explaining the purpose of their trip, their itinerary, and other relevant details. This is typically required for certain types of visa applications.
  • Host's ID (if applicable): If you're visiting friends or family in Kenya, you might be asked to provide a copy of your host's national identification card or passport as a form of sponsorship and to establish your connection to Kenya.
  • Hospital Letter (if applicable): If you plan to receive medical treatment in Kenya, you may need to submit a letter from the Kenyan hospital or medical facility where you have an appointment. This letter should confirm your medical appointment and the purpose of your visit.
  • Appointment Letter from a Kenyan Hospital (if applicable): If you're visiting Kenya for medical treatment, include an appointment letter from the Kenyan hospital or healthcare provider specifying the date and purpose of your medical visit.
  • Organization's Certificate of Registration in the Justice Authority (if applicable): For certain types of visas, especially those related to business or work, you might need to provide documentation related to the organization you will be dealing with in Kenya. This could include their certificate of registration with the relevant Kenyan authorities.
  • Work ID of the Host (if applicable): If you are visiting Kenya for business or employment-related reasons and have a host organization or employer, you may need to submit the host's work identification as part of your application.
  • Scan of Host's Passport Personal Details (if applicable): If you are being hosted by an individual or organization in Kenya, you might be required to submit a copy of the host's passport, specifically the page with their personal details.
  • Employment Proof (if applicable): If your visit to Kenya is for work-related purposes, you may need to provide evidence of your current employment status, such as an employment letter from your employer.
  • Previous Visas (if applicable): If you have previously been issued a Kenyan visa, include copies of these visas as part of your application. This can demonstrate your history of compliant travel to Kenya.

It's important to note that the specific requirements may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your nationality.

What are the costs and processing times for the Kenya Visa?

The cost and processing times for the Kenya Visa can vary depending on your preferred processing speed. Kenyan authorities offer different processing options to accommodate travelers with varying timelines and urgency. Here is the costs and processing times for the Kenya Tourist Visa:

  • Standard Processing:
    • Processing Time: This option typically takes around 4 business days to complete.
    • Cost: The standard processing fee for the Kenya Tourist Visa is the most budget-friendly option among the available choices.

When deciding on the processing speed, consider your travel plans and the urgency of your trip. If you have ample time before your planned departure, the standard processing option may be sufficient. However, if you need your visa more quickly, the rush or super rush processing options are available for a higher fee.

Lastly, keep in mind that visa fees are non-refundable, so make sure your application is complete and accurate to avoid delays or rejections. Applying early and following the specified requirements will help ensure a smooth visa application process for your trip to Kenya.

Do I need any other documents to enter Kenya?

Yes, besides your visa, you will need to apply for a Health Surveillance Form. You can include your health form in your visa application.

What are the Entry and Exit Requirements for a visa to Kenya?

Entry and exit requirements for a visa to Kenya are crucial aspects to consider when planning your trip to this East African country. These requirements ensure that travelers comply with immigration regulations and enjoy a smooth entry and departure process. Here are the key entry and exit requirements for a Kenyan visa:

Entry Requirements:

  • Valid Passport: All travelers to Kenya must possess a valid passport. Ensure that your passport is in good condition, with a validity of at least six months beyond your intended departure date from Kenya. It should also have a sufficient number of blank visa pages.
  • Visa: Depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit, you may need a visa to enter Kenya. The type of visa required varies, and you should apply for the appropriate visa category based on your travel intentions. Some travelers from visa-exempt countries may enter Kenya without a visa for a limited period, while others need to obtain a visa in advance.
  • Health Surveillance Form: In addition to the visa, travelers must complete a Health Surveillance Form, especially in light of health-related concerns such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This form typically includes health-related questions and contact information. You may be required to present this form upon arrival.
  • Proof of Onward Travel: Immigration authorities often request proof of your onward or return journey, such as a confirmed flight ticket. This demonstrates that you have a plan to leave Kenya before your visa expires.
  • Sufficient Funds: You may be asked to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Kenya. This can be in the form of cash, traveler's checks, or a bank statement.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate: If you are traveling from or through a yellow fever-endemic country, you will need to show a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate upon arrival in Kenya.

Exit Requirements:

  • Valid Visa: Ensure that your visa remains valid throughout your stay in Kenya. Overstaying your visa can result in fines, deportation, or other penalties. If you need to extend your stay, contact the Kenyan immigration authorities well in advance.
  • Health Surveillance Form: Keep your Health Surveillance Form handy, as you may be asked to provide it upon departure as well.
  • Compliance with Customs Regulations: When exiting Kenya, ensure that you are in compliance with customs regulations. This includes declaring any items of value, such as electronics or goods purchased during your stay.
  • Airport Departure Tax: As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Kenya had a departure tax that was typically included in the price of international airfare. However, it's essential to confirm the current departure tax regulations at the time of your departure.
  • Respect Local Laws and Regulations: Throughout your stay, it's essential to respect and abide by Kenyan laws and regulations. Any legal issues or violations may affect your departure.
  • Check for Visa Extension: If you have extended your visa during your stay, make sure that the extension is appropriately documented and that you are in compliance with the new visa validity dates.

Kenya Visa for US Citizens:

  • US citizens traveling to Kenya may require a visa.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Apply online through Kenya's e-Visa website, pay the $ fee, and provide required documents.
  • Alternatively, apply in person at the Kenyan embassy or consulate.
  • Once approved, you'll receive an e-Visa via email, which you must print and carry when traveling.

Kenya Visa for UK Citizens:

  • UK citizens need a visa to enter Kenya.
  • Passport should be valid for at least six months with two blank pages.
  • Obtain an electronic visa (e-Visa) before departure.
  • Work permits are required for employment.
  • Yellow fever certificates may be necessary from certain destinations.
  • UK Emergency Travel Documents are accepted if valid for six months.

Kenya Visa for EU Citizens:

  • EU citizens may require a visa to visit Kenya.
  • Passport should be valid for at least six months with two blank pages.
  • Apply for an e-Visa online and print it for travel.
  • Keep a digital copy for backup.
  • Verify requirements with the Kenyan embassy or consulate.

Kenya Visa for Indian Citizens:

  • Indian citizens need an e-Visa to enter Kenya.
  • Apply online, providing personal and passport details.
  • Various visa types are available, including tourist, transit, and business visas.
  • Processing time is 2-3 working days.
  • Ensure eligibility and meet requirements.

Kenya Visa for Other Countries:

  • Citizens of countries not exempted from visa requirements must obtain a visa.
  • Types include tourist, business, transit, and work visas.
  • Visa requirements and processes may change, so consult the Kenyan embassy or consulate for the latest information.

Regional Requirements:

  • East African Community citizens (Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda) can travel to Kenya for up to 90 days without a visa.
  • Middle East and Gulf residents (UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) have visa-free access to Kenya for up to 90 days.

Ensure you check the most current visa requirements and procedures before traveling to Kenya.

Kenya Travel Advice

If you're planning a trip to Kenya, here is some additional information about the country:

  • Location: Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa; its capital city is Nairobi. It has an area of 1,000,000 square kilometers (386,400 sq mi).
  • Climate: The climate is generally arid, with two rainy seasons: one from March to May and another from October to December.
  • Economy: The economy is based on agriculture, tourism, and trade.
  • Diversity: There are over 250 ethnic groups in Kenya.
  • Language: The main language is English.
  • Currency: The official currency is the Kenyan Shilling (KES), but US dollars are widely accepted.
  • National Symbols: Kenya's national flower is the Kikuyu rose, the national bird is the African gray parrot, the national tree is the baobab, and the national animal is the giraffe.
  • Tourist Attractions: Kenya's most popular tourist attractions include Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park, Diani Beach, Mombasa Old Town, Tsavo East National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Kakamega Forest, Hells Gate National Park, and many more.


Do U.S. citizens need a visa to visit Kenya?

Yes, U.S. citizens typically require a visa to visit Kenya. However, they can apply for an eVisa online for convenience.

What is an eVisa, and how do I apply for one?

An eVisa is an electronic version of a visa that can be applied for and obtained online through the official Kenyan government website. The application process involves filling out a form, making a payment, and providing required documents.

How much does a Kenya Tourist Visa cost for U.S. citizens?

The cost of a Kenya Tourist Visa can vary depending on the type of visa, processing speed, and other factors. As of my last update, the standard processing fee was $55. Fees may change, so check the latest information.

What are the processing times for a Kenya eVisa?

Processing times for a Kenya eVisa typically include standard processing (around 9 days), rush processing (approximately 6 days), and super rush processing (about 4 days).

Is a yellow fever vaccination required to enter Kenya?

Yellow fever vaccination may be required if you are traveling from or through a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. It's essential to check the latest health requirements before your trip.

Can I extend my Kenya Tourist Visa if I want to stay longer?

Yes, it is possible to extend your Kenya Tourist Visa. Contact the Kenyan immigration authorities well in advance of your visa's expiration date for details on the extension process.

What documents are required for a Kenya Tourist Visa application?

Required documents may include a valid passport, a completed application form, a passport-sized photo, proof of onward travel, proof of accommodation, and, if applicable, a cover letter and other supporting documents.

Can I apply for a Kenya Tourist Visa at the Kenyan embassy or consulate in the U.S.?

Yes, U.S. citizens can apply for a Kenya Tourist Visa in person at the Kenyan embassy or consulate. The processing time is typically 5-7 business days.

Are there any special requirements for business or work-related visas for Kenya?

Yes, business and work-related visas for Kenya may have specific requirements, such as letters of invitation, employment proof, and organization certificates. It's important to review the requirements based on your visa type.

What are the entry and exit requirements for Kenya?

Entry requirements include a valid passport, visa (if required), health surveillance form, proof of onward travel, and sufficient funds. Exit requirements include compliance with customs regulations and other laws.




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