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Kenya to become visa-free to African visitors

In a significant development, Kenya has announced its plan to eliminate visa requirements for all African visitors by the end of the year. 

President William Ruto made this announcement at an international conference, emphasizing the importance of fostering greater connectivity among African nations.

Kenya to become visa-free to African visitors

The African Union's Goal

Visa-free travel within the African continent has been a long-standing goal of the African Union (AU) for the past decade. The African Union has been working towards reducing travel restrictions and facilitating the free movement of people across the continent.

Current Visa Situation in Africa

While there have been some regional and bilateral agreements in place to ease visa restrictions, the progress towards the goal of visa-free travel has been relatively slow. 

As of 2022, only a few countries, namely Seychelles, The Gambia, and Benin, offer entry to all African citizens without requiring a visa.

Measuring Progress

To measure the progress made by African nations in terms of visa openness, the African Union has developed the Africa's Visa Openness Index. This index assesses the extent to which each country in Africa is open to visitors from other African countries. 

According to this index, most countries have been working to simplify entry processes and reduce restrictions for travelers from other African nations. In the 2022 index, Kenya was ranked 31st out of 54 African states, indicating a relatively open approach to visa policies.

President Ruto's Vision

President Ruto highlighted the adverse impacts of visa restrictions, stating that they hinder business opportunities and economic growth. 

He emphasized that when people, especially businesspeople and entrepreneurs, face travel restrictions, it results in overall losses for the continent. President Ruto expressed his commitment to the cause, stating that Kenya aims to achieve visa-free access for all African citizens by the end of the year.

Promoting Unity and Mobility

The President also stressed the importance of allowing the children of the African continent to move freely within their own borders, comparing the freedom of movement within Africa to that within Europe. 

This move towards visa-free access is seen as a step towards promoting unity and mobility among African nations.

The African Union's African Passport

The African Union introduced the African passport in 2016, aiming to allow all African citizens to travel throughout the continent without requiring visas. 

However, the widespread availability of this passport has been hindered by concerns about security, smuggling, and potential impacts on local employment markets.

Recommendations for Achieving Visa Openness

While complete elimination of visa restrictions might be a challenging task at the moment, the Visa Openness Index report recommends several alternative measures, including:

  • Lowering visa fees to make travel more affordable.
    • Implementing a visa-on-arrival system for African visitors.
  • Establishing a secure e-visa system to facilitate efficient and secure travel.

The decision by Kenya to become visa-free to African visitors aligns with the broader goal of the African Union to promote greater connectivity and integration among African nations, and it reflects Kenya's commitment to fostering economic growth and unity within the continent.




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