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Kenyan Food 20 Must-Try Dishes in Kenya

Kenyan Food 20 Must Try Dishes in Kenya

Kenya offers a rich and diverse culinary scene with a wide range of delicious dishes influenced by various cultures and ethnic groups. Here are 20 top foods to try in Kenya:

  1. Ugali: A staple food made from maize flour and water, usually served with sukuma wiki (collard greens) or other stews.
  2. Nyama Choma: Grilled meat, often goat or beef, seasoned with spices and served with a side of kachumbari (fresh tomato and onion salad).
  3. Pilau: Fragrant rice dish cooked with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom, often served with meat or vegetables.
  4. Githeri: A hearty dish made of boiled maize and beans, often served with a side of vegetables or meat.
  5. Samosa: Deep-fried pastries filled with spiced meat, vegetables, or lentils. They are a popular street food snack.
  6. Chapati: Thin, unleavened flatbread made from wheat flour. It is often eaten with stews or used to wrap grilled meat.
  7. Sukuma Wiki: A common side dish made from collard greens sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and spices.
  8. Matoke: Steamed or boiled green bananas, usually served as a side dish with meat or stew.
  9. Coconut fish: Coconut fish is a delicious and popular dish in Kenya that combines fresh fish with the flavors of coconut milk and spices. Coconut fish is loved for its creamy coconut flavor combined with the delicate taste of fresh fish. The spices add depth and a hint of heat, making it a well-balanced and flavorful dish. It is a popular choice among seafood lovers in Kenya and is often enjoyed as a main course in both everyday meals and special occasions.
  10. Coconut beans: Coconut beans is a popular Kenyan dish that combines the flavors of beans and coconut milk.Coconut beans are loved for their creamy texture, rich flavors, and the combination of spices with the natural sweetness of coconut milk. They are a comforting and filling dish that is enjoyed by many Kenyans as part of their regular meals.
  11. Irio: A dish made from mashed potatoes, peas, corn, and sometimes spinach. It is often served with grilled meat.
  12. Mahamri and Mbaazi: Mahamri and Mbaazi are two delicious and popular dishes in Kenya. Let's take a closer look at each of them:
    Mahamri and Mbaazi
    • Mahamri is a sweet, deep-fried bread that is commonly enjoyed as a breakfast or snack item, particularly in the coastal regions of Kenya. The dough is prepared using a combination of all-purpose flour, coconut milk, sugar, cardamom, yeast, and sometimes a pinch of salt. The ingredients are mixed together to form a soft dough, which is then left to rise for some time. The risen dough is divided into small portions and rolled into triangular or rectangular shapes before being deep-fried until golden brown. Mahamri is known for its crispy exterior and soft, fluffy interior. It is often served with a cup of tea or coffee and can be enjoyed plain or with a side of coconut chutney or honey.
    • Mbaazi (Pigeon Peas): Mbaazi is a traditional Kenyan dish made from pigeon peas, which are a type of legume. Pigeon peas are cooked until tender and then combined with various spices and ingredients to create a flavorful dish. The preparation may vary, but common ingredients include coconut milk, onions, garlic, tomatoes, curry powder, and sometimes chili for added heat. The dish is typically simmered to allow the flavors to meld together. Mbaazi is often served with hot, freshly made chapati (a type of flatbread) or with steamed rice. It is a popular street food and can also be found in local restaurants and homes across Kenya.

Both Mahamri and Mbaazi showcase the diversity and richness of Kenyan cuisine. They are not only delicious but also provide a glimpse into the culinary traditions and flavors of the country.

  1. Kenyan Biryani: A flavorful rice dish cooked with meat, vegetables, and a variety of spices such as turmeric, cumin, and cardamom.
  2. Kenyan Coffee: Kenya is known for its high-quality coffee, which has a rich and distinct flavor. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Kenyan coffee.
  3. Kenyan Tea: Kenya is one of the largest tea producers in the world. Sample different varieties of Kenyan tea, such as black tea or chai (spiced tea)..
  4. Bhajias: Deep-fried fritters made from a mixture of chickpea flour and various vegetables, such as potatoes or onions. They are a common street food snack.
  5. Kenyan Roast Chicken: Succulent and flavorful roast chicken marinated with Kenyan spices, served with a side of vegetables or rice.
  6. Kenyan Fish Stew: Fresh fish cooked in a rich tomato-based sauce with spices and vegetables. It is often served with rice or ugali.
  7. Mutura: Mutura is a type of Kenyan sausage made from a blend of minced meat, blood, and spices. The sausage is often seasoned with cumin, coriander, and chili peppers and is a popular street food in Kenya. Mutura is often served with Kachumbari.

These are just a few examples of the delicious foods you can try in Kenya. The country offers a wide range of culinary delights, reflecting the diverse cultures and flavors found throughout the region.




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