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Apply Kenya eVisa for Medical Treatment

Foreign citizens can apply for a Kenya eVisa online to receive medical treatment. This option is open to citizens of 140+ countries and eliminates the need to visit an embassy or consulate. The Kenya visa application process can be completed from home using a mobile device. Important information covered includes the necessary documents for the application, the process for obtaining the Kenya medical eVisa, and guidelines for traveling with it.

Apply Kenya eVisa for Medical Treatment

Document Requirements for Kenya Medical Visa

To apply for a Kenya eVisa for medical reasons, applicants must ensure they meet the updated Kenya eVisa requirements.

Eligible foreign nationals must provide the following necessary documents and information to successfully complete the application process:

  1. A valid passport that remains valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended date of entry.
  2. A passport-style photograph that adheres to the current Kenya visa photograph requirements.
  3. A credit or debit card to pay the applicable Kenya eVisa fees.
  4. An active email address for all correspondence and notifications regarding the application.

Applicants seeking a Kenya Medical visa for medical reasons are required to submit additional supporting documents along with their application. These documents include:

  1. A letter from the referring doctor or hospital, stating the medical condition and the need for medical treatment in Kenya.
  2. An appointment letter from the receiving doctor or hospital in Kenya, confirming the scheduled medical consultation or treatment.

All the necessary paperwork can be conveniently uploaded in a digital format during the eVisa application process.

How to Apply for a Kenya Medical Visa

The Kenyan eVisa allows travelers to visit Kenya for various purposes, including medical treatment. Whether you are applying for a Kenya eVisa for medical reasons, the process remains similar with slight variations in the supporting documents required.

Completing the Kenya Medical eVisa Application Form

Foreigners seeking short-term medical treatment in Kenya are required to complete the updated Kenya eVisa application process.

To successfully fill out the form, applicants need to provide the following updated information:

Personal Information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

Family Details:

  • Marital status
  • Details of next of kin

Passport Data:

  • Country of citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Issue and expiry dates

Travel Plans:

  • Date of arrival and departure
  • Reason for travel (select "medical" as the purpose)

Additionally, travelers will be asked to provide updated details of their recent trips to other countries within the last 3 months.

It is strongly advised that applicants carefully review all the information provided before submitting the eVisa application. Any errors or missing information could result in delays or rejection of the application.

Processing Time for Kenya Medical Visa

Kenya medical eVisa applications can now be completed swiftly with the updated online system. With the necessary information and supporting documents readily available, applicants can fill out the online form within minutes.

The processing time for Kenya medical eVisas has also been improved. While it is still recommended to submit applications well in advance of the scheduled medical treatment, the processing period has been significantly reduced. Typically, applications are now processed within 1 to 4 business days.

Once the Kenya eVisa is approved, applicants will receive it via email. They can simply print out the approved eVisa and present it together with their passport at the border when entering Kenya.

Kenya eVisa for Medical Treatment

Traveling to Kenya with the eVisa for Medical Reasons

Individuals holding a Kenya eVisa for medical purposes should carefully plan their trip in accordance with the updated visa requirements.

To begin with, the eVisa remains valid for a period of 3 months starting from the date of issuance. This implies that the traveler must enter Kenya within 3 months of obtaining the visa. In case the medical treatment is postponed and the new date falls beyond this 90-day window, a fresh application for an eVisa must be submitted.

Another crucial aspect to consider is that the Kenya medical visa is a single-entry permit. Once approved, visa holders can utilize their eVisa to enter Kenya only once. For subsequent treatments or follow-up appointments, individuals must obtain a new visa by leaving the country and reentering.

The maximum duration of stay permitted with the Kenya eVisa remains 90 days. Patients should ensure that their intended medical treatment does not exceed this 3-month timeframe. Although it is possible to request a Kenya visa extension while within the country, approval is not guaranteed and is subject to specific conditions.




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