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Kenya Health Care and Vaccination Information

Kenya Health Care and Vaccination Information


If you plan to travel to Kenya, you should plan your trip with unusual precautions since the healthcare conditions there are not up to scratch for the travellers. You need to take some extra precautionary steps to catch no disease in Kenya, enjoy your trip and return safely.

Make sure you stay up-to-date for all routine vaccines before you start your trip. Take special precautions against Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Tetanus, Rabies, Malaria, Hepatitis A, and Diphtheria.

Following is the list of vaccines with the relevant information so that you can plan your trip accordingly.


You should get a cholera vaccination if you are an adult and travelling to the areas of active cholera transmission.

Although it is rare to spot cholera in any traveller, it can be severe. Certain factors make you a High-Risk candidate for getting cholera. 

You should avoid eating and drinking unsafe food and water to prevent cholera. Washing your hands would also help you to stay away from this disease.

Hepatitis A  

A one-year-old or older traveller should get a vaccination against Hepatitis A.

In the case of 6 to 11 months old infants, they should also get their vaccination. 

Those who are over 40 years and intend to visit the risky area in Kenya should get their vaccination against hepatitis A in less than two weeks, should get their first dose of vaccine and immune globulin simultaneously.

Hepatitis B

Unvaccinated travellers from all age groups should get Hepatitis B vaccination if they plan to visit Kenya.


For travelling to Kenya, you should get a doctor’s prescription medicine against Malaria. You may need to take the medicine doses before, during, and after your trip depending upon the prescription.


It is so common to see rabid dogs roaming in Kenya. Therefore, if you estimate that you will be visiting certain areas where you can encounter a dog or any other wildlife, you should get a pre-vaccination before going to Kenya. There are low chances that you get proper Rabies treatment in Kenya.

Exclusively, if you are visiting Kenya for camping, adventure, cave exploring, carrying out animal-related studies, you are more vulnerable to get bitten by rabid animals. 


All the travellers should take Typhoid Vaccine, especially if they would stay with a Kenyan Resident, say friends or relatives, or their trip includes a visit to rural areas or smaller cities.

Yellow Fever    

The entry requirements in Kenya includes a yellow fever vaccination certificate from travellers over one year of age.

Bug Bites

Besides various diseases, bug bites may disturb you during your trip and may lead to African Sleeping Sickness, African Tick-Bite Fever, Chikungunya and Dengue.

How To Ensure A Safe Trip?

A precautious and careful attitude during the trip determines your chances of getting back home with sound health and safety. Taking sheer precautions will prevent you from succumbing to any illness.

Here are a few points you should be following throughout your journey.

  • Do not eat unclean food or water
  • Do not get food from the street vendors
  • Must wash the fruits or vegetables
  • Drink water from a sealed bottle or use disinfected water for drinking purpose
  • Do not take tap or well-water, or the ice or drinks made from them

You must stay in contact with your doctor about any medicine or prescription that you would use during your trip if you get sick. Careless behaviour can ruin your well-planned trip.

Avoiding Bug Bites

You should:

  • You should be wearing clothes that cover most of your body. Do not leave your skin exposed to bugs.
  • You may also use insect repellent or use a bed net if your trip requires you to sleep outdoors.





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