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Kenyan eCitizen Portal Outage Halts eVisas

The Kenya government's e-citizen platform, a critical component in the processing of Kenyan eVisa applications, has been fully restored to operational status. This development holds significant importance as it reinstates an essential service for travellers intending to visit Kenya, especially those hailing from countries mandating visas for entry.

Kenyan eCitizen Portal Outage Halts eVisas

The Technical Challenge and Temporary Outage

The e-citizen platform experienced a series of technical challenges that resulted in a temporary cessation of its services. This unplanned downtime had notable consequences as discussed:

  • Technical Challenges Begin

The e-citizen platform, a critical component responsible for processing eVisa applications, encountered a series of technical challenges. These issues disrupted its normal operations, rendering it non-functional for an extended period.

  • Consequences of Unplanned Downtime

The unforeseen downtime had significant consequences, especially for travellers who relied on the platform for their visa-related processes. Among the most affected were individuals from countries that mandated visas for entry into Kenya, as they were unable to utilise the platform for crucial tasks.

  • Uncertainty and Inconvenience

The temporary outage introduced a period of uncertainty and inconvenience for travellers. They were confronted with the challenge of obtaining necessary travel authorizations in a timely manner. As a result, travel plans were at risk of being disrupted, potentially causing frustration and complications for visitors during this period.

  • Navigating the Visa Application Process

Without access to the e-citizen platform, travellers had to explore alternative routes for securing their visas. This situation required them to adapt to changes in the visa application process and explore viable options to ensure their trips to Kenya remained feasible.

  • Impact on Travel Plans

The service disruption had a tangible impact on travellers' plans, potentially leading to delays, rescheduling, or even the cancellation of trips. The inability to efficiently process visa applications through the platform added an extra layer of complexity to travel arrangements.

  • Resilience and Adaptation

The eventual restoration of services on September 6, 2023, marked a return to a more familiar and efficient process for obtaining travel authorizations, alleviating the difficulties faced during the downtime.

Providing an Interim Solution

Recognizing the challenges faced by travellers due to the platform's temporary unavailability, an interim solution was swiftly introduced. This solution aimed to alleviate the impact of the outage on affected travellers by offering an alternative approach to obtaining visas as discussed below:

  • Swift Response

In light of the challenges caused by the e-citizen platform's temporary unavailability, authorities acted promptly to address the situation. They recognized the importance of minimising disruptions to travellers' plans, particularly those from countries requiring visas to enter Kenya.

  • Visa-on-Arrival Option

To mitigate the impact of the platform's downtime, an interim solution was introduced. This solution allowed travellers to opt for visa-on-arrival services, an option that could be facilitated by any airline upon the traveller's arrival in Kenya.

  • Alternative Approach

The visa-on-arrival alternative provided travellers with an avenue to secure the necessary travel authorizations upon landing in Kenya. It served as a workaround to the technical challenges faced with the e-citizen platform, ensuring that travellers could enter the country without undue delays.

  • Fee Responsibility

It's important to emphasise that individuals who chose the visa-on-arrival alternative remained responsible for paying the standard eVisa fee upon their entry into Kenya. This ensured that the financial aspects of visa acquisition remained consistent with the regular process.

  • Government's Commitment

The introduction of this interim solution highlighted the government's dedication to minimising disruptions and facilitating the entry of travellers during the platform's downtime. It exemplified a proactive approach aimed at ensuring a smooth visa application process for visitors to Kenya.

  • Transition Back to the Regular Process

While the visa-on-arrival option provided travellers with an alternative avenue for obtaining visas, the resumption of the e-citizen platform's full operations underscored the government's commitment to providing a reliable and efficient visa application system.

A Seamless Visa Application Experience

With the full resumption of operations on September 6, 2023, the e-citizen platform has once again become a reliable and efficient channel for processing visa applications. 

A Seamless Visa Application Experience

This development brings a sense of relief to travellers, as it reinstates their ability to easily access the required travel authorizations. 

The restoration of this essential service ensures that visitors can confidently and seamlessly plan their trips to Kenya without facing disruptions or uncertainties in the visa application process. The platform's operational status has become a beacon of assurance for those eager to explore Kenya's diverse landscapes, culture, and attractions.

Kenya's Commitment to Visitors

The successful restoration of the e-citizen platform's functionality stands as a momentous achievement in the realm of international travel, particularly concerning Kenya. 

It is a testament to the government's unwavering commitment to enhancing and streamlining the visa application process for visitors from across the globe. This achievement underscores Kenya's dedication to providing a welcoming and visitor-friendly environment. 

By ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for travellers, Kenya solidifies its reputation as a destination that values and prioritises the needs of its guests. It sends a resounding message that Kenya is open and ready to embrace visitors with open arms, inviting them to explore its captivating beauty and vibrant culture.

Temporary Outage Impacting eVisa Applications

Kenya experienced a temporary outage of its e-citizen platform, which is responsible for processing Kenya eVisa applications. This outage disrupted the visa application process for travellers from countries requiring visas to enter Kenya, leading to the implementation of an alternative solution.

  • Technical Difficulties

Commencing on July 24, 2023, the Kenya government e-citizen platform, which plays a pivotal role in processing eVisa applications, encountered unexpected technical issues. These difficulties led to the platform's temporary non-operational status.

  • Impact on Visa Applicants

The outage had a significant and immediate impact, especially on individuals hailing from countries that require visas for entry into Kenya. During this period, these applicants found themselves unable to either submit new eVisa applications or track the status of their existing ones through the e-citizen platform.

  • Alternative Option

Recognizing the inconvenience faced by travellers, an alternative solution was introduced. Affected individuals were presented with the option to utilise visa-on-arrival services, a process made accessible by any airline upon their arrival in Kenya. This option allowed them to proceed with their travel plans despite the platform's unavailability.

  • Standard eVisa Fee

It's important to clarify that travellers who opted for the visa-on-arrival alternative were still subject to the standard eVisa fee upon their entry into Kenya. This fee remained a mandatory requirement, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

  • Resolution and Restoration

The challenges faced by the e-citizen platform were successfully addressed, leading to the full resumption of its operations on September 6, 2023. This development was significant as it reinstated the platform's crucial role in facilitating the visa application process for travellers.

  • Ensuring Uninterrupted Travel

Flexibility and an understanding of available options, like the visa-on-arrival service, enable travellers to navigate these challenges confidently, ensuring uninterrupted exploration of Kenya's rich cultural and natural wonders.

Continued Monitoring and Updates

We are committed to closely monitoring the situation and providing timely updates as new information becomes available regarding the operational status of the e-citizen platform. Our aim is to ensure that travellers are well-informed about any developments, enabling them to plan their entry into Kenya with confidence and convenience.


When did the Kenya government e-citizen platform experience an outage?

The e-citizen platform faced technical issues starting from July 24, 2023, which led to a temporary cessation of its services.

What was the impact of the e-citizen platform outage on eVisa applications?

The outage had a significant impact on individuals from countries that require visas for entry into Kenya. They were unable to submit new eVisa applications or track the status of existing ones through the platform.

What interim solution was provided during the outage?

An interim solution allowed affected travellers to opt for visa-on-arrival services upon their arrival in Kenya, facilitated by airlines. However, travellers choosing this option were required to pay the standard eVisa fee upon entry.

When did the e-citizen platform resume full operations?

The e-citizen platform was fully operational again on September 6, 2023, providing uninterrupted visa application services.

What does the restoration of the e-citizen platform's functionality mean for travellers?

The restoration allows travellers to once again access the necessary travel authorizations seamlessly, ensuring they can confidently plan their trips to Kenya without disruptions.

How does this development impact international travel to Kenya?

The successful restoration of the e-citizen platform underscores Kenya's commitment to facilitating international travel. It improves the visa application process, reinforcing Kenya's status as a welcoming and visitor-friendly destination.

How should travellers navigate through disruptions like the e-citizen platform outage?

Travellers should remain vigilant and informed about evolving visa application processes. Flexibility and a thorough understanding of available options are key to navigating such disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted exploration of Kenya's beauty and culture.




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