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How to Get Your Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA)

Get Your Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA)

Amidst Kenya's stunning landscapes and cultural heritage, a major travel policy shift unfolded in 2023. The President announced that, from January 2024, Kenya would be visa-free, yet with a crucial requirement—the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA).

eTA Requirement Exemption for Kenyan Citizens and EAC Members

Kenyan citizens and members of the East African Community (EAC) are exempt from the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) requirement. For individuals from other nationalities, obtaining an eTA is mandatory. EAC nationals can utilise their National ID, Interstate Pass, or Passport as valid travel documents, providing a simplified process for their travel within the East African Community region.

Application Procedures

Navigating the application procedures is crucial for a successful eTA process. Follow these concise steps to ensure a smooth and efficient application experience for your travel to Kenya.

  • Website Submission Requirement: All applications must be officially submitted through the designated website.
  • Application for Underage Travellers: In the case of travellers under 18, the application should be filled out by a parent or legal guardian.

Kenya ETA Application Process Guidelines

Embarking on the application process for your travel authorization is simplified with these guidelines. Follow these concise steps to ensure a successful and hassle-free experience.

  • Access the Website: Begin your eTA application journey by visiting the official website.This is the starting point for initiating the process.
  • Initiate Application: Click on the"Apply Now"option and carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the screen to initiate your application.
  • Choose Application Type: Tailor your application by selecting the appropriate type, whether it's an individual or group application, aligning with your specific travel needs.
  • Ensure Accuracy of Information: Thoroughly review and confirm the accuracy of all information entered during the application process. Precision is key to a successful submission.
  • Submit Application: Finalise the application process by submitting the required details, ensuring that all necessary information is provided for a comprehensive application.
  • Confirmation Emails: Expect to receive confirmation emails at various stages, including acknowledgment of application receipt, payment confirmation, and the final decision (approval or refusal). Regularly check your email for updates.
  • Approval Process: If your application receives approval, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) will be issued. This essential document will be sent to you in PDF format.
  • Save, Print, or Utilise Mobile App: Upon approval, take action by saving the eTA on your device, printing a hard copy for your records, or utilising the "Travel Authorisation" mobile app for convenient and accessible storage during your travels.

Denial of Application

Facing a denial in your application can be disheartening, but understanding the necessary steps is crucial. Explore the following guidelines to navigate the denial of your application effectively.

  • Travel Restriction: In the event of application denial, immediate travel to Kenya is not allowed.
  • Contact Support for Assistance: For further assistance, contact support assistance to address any concerns or seek clarification.
  • Application Status Inquiry: Monitor and check the status of your application at any time by visiting the official website.

Documents Needed for eTA Application

Before commencing your eTA application, understanding the Kenya eTA required documentation is paramount. Explore the following guidelines to ensure a comprehensive and successful submission process.

  • Passport Requirement: A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the planned arrival date, and at least one blank page.
  • Photo Submission: Include a selfie or a passport-type photo as part of the application requirements.
  • Contact Details: Provide current and accurate contact information, including email address and phone number.
  • Travel Itinerary Information: Furnish details of your travel itinerary, encompassing both arrival and departure plans.
  • Accommodation Confirmation: Attach booking confirmations or relevant proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Utilise accepted payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, etc., for the application processing fee.

Supplementary Criteria for Specific Nations

In tailoring travel requirements, certain nations may have additional criteria for visa applications. Delve into the following guidelines to grasp the supplementary criteria applicable to specific countries, ensuring a thorough application process.

  • Financial Documentation: Submit bank letters or statements of financial assets as proof of financial stability.
  • Return Transportation Confirmation: Provide details of confirmed bookings for return transport as an additional requirement.
  • Health Certification: Furnish a yellow fever certificate and any other necessary vaccination or test results, as applicable.

Specific Requirements Depending on Purpose of Visit

Customising requirements based on the purpose of your visit is essential for a successful application. Explore the following guidelines to understand specific prerequisites aligned with different purposes, ensuring a thorough and accurate submission.

  • Medical Visits: Provide a referral letter from a doctor or hospital as part of the documentation.
  • Conference Attendance: Include an invitation or participation letter for conferences as a requisite.
  • Employment Purposes: Submit an employment contract when applying for an eTA for employment-related visits.
  • Resettlement: Furnish supporting documents relevant to the resettlement purpose of the visit.
  • Business Trips: Include a company invitation letter and a copy of the company's registration as part of the application for business-related travel.
  • Family Visits: Provide an invitation letter and identification details of the host when the purpose is a family visit.
  • Diplomatic Travel: For diplomatic travel, submit a diplomatic passport and an official letter as required documentation.

Duration and Validity of Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA)

Understanding the duration and validity of your Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is essential for seamless travel planning. Explore the following guidelines to grasp the timeframe and expiration details, ensuring a well-informed journey.

  • Regular Processing Time: The standard processing time for an eTA is approximately three (3) working days.
  • Premium Service Option: Expedite your application with the premium service option for faster processing or additional assistance.
  • eTA Validity: The eTA is valid for a single journey (single entry) and expires upon exiting Kenya.

Key Considerations for eTA Application

Embarking on the eTA application journey involves critical considerations for successful processing. Explore the following guidelines to navigate essential aspects, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared application experience.

  • Travel Authorization Clarification: An eTA serves as a prerequisite for travel but does not guarantee entry into the country.
  • Boarding and Entry Caution: Carriers may refuse boarding without necessary documents, and entry denial can occur during questioning at departure or arrival points.
  • Booking Requirement Emphasis: The eTA application necessitates confirmed transport and accommodation details.
  • Payment Issues Resolution: In the event of payment refusal, it is advised to reattempt after verifying funds or waiting for a few minutes.


Is Kenya really visa-free now?

Not entirely. While the President announced visa-free entry for all nationalities starting January 2024, the full implementation is still in progress. Currently, visitors need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) before coming to Kenya.

Who needs an eTA for Kenya?

All foreign nationals, regardless of their country of origin, need an eTA to enter Kenya, except for:

  • Citizens of East African Community member states (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan)
  • Diplomatic and consular personnel with valid accreditations

How do I apply for an eTA?

You can apply for an eTA online through the official website. The process involves creating an account, filling out an application form, uploading a photo and supporting documents (if needed), and paying the processing fee.

What documents do I need for the eTA application?

You will typically need:

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity beyond your intended departure date from Kenya
  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Travel itinerary (arrival and departure details)
  • Accommodation booking confirmation
  • Means of payment (credit/debit card, Apple Pay, etc.)

How long does it take to get an eTA approved?

The processing time for eTA applications is usually 48 hours, but it can take longer in some cases. You will receive an email notification regarding the approval or denial of your application.

What happens if my eTA application is denied?

If your application is denied, you will receive an email explaining the reason and further instructions. You can appeal the decision or apply for a traditional visa through the embassy or consulate in your country.




Get eTA to Kenya

  • Step1: Apply on-line Provide the information from your passport to eTA application.
  • Step2: Make an online payment Payment Methods: Credit Card
  • Step3: Check your e-mail address If your payment is confirmed, your eTA will be sent to your e-mail
Get eTA to Kenya

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