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What is the current time in Kenya?

Do you want to travel to East Africa and you are wondering what is the time in Kenya now?

Well, look no further as we will show you how to easily calculate the relative time in Kenya against any time zone in the world.

what is the current time in kenya

Kenya's Time Zone and Seasonal Observations

First of all, Kenya lies in the tropics and close to the Greenwich Meridian. For that reason, it doesn’t experience summer or winter seasons.

In addition to that, it doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time but it observes Eastern Africa Time throughout the year. Most importantly, it lies in GMT +3.

Calculating Time Difference Between Kenya and Other Time Zones

This is one of the simplest things that you can complete in under sixty seconds.

To calculate the current time in Kenya, subtract your local UTC time zone from (+3), then add the result to your local time. Here are a few examples:

a) New York City, UTC (-5)

  • Calculate the UTC time difference between the local times of the two places starting with the time zone that you want to find out. i.e (+3) – (-5) = +8
  • Secondly, add the result to your current local time or the local time of the starting location (In this case, New York). Let’s assume the current time in New York is 8:00 am, Tuesday. Adding eight hours to 8:00 am will be 4:00 pm, Tuesday.
  • This means that when it’s 8:00 am in Queens, New York, it is 4:00 pmin Westlands, Nairobi.

b) London, GMT/UTC

  • Starting with the time difference between London and Nairobi i.e (+3) - 0 = +3
  • Then we add the result to the local time in London. Let’s assume that the time in London is 8:00 am, Tuesday. Adding three hours to 8:00 am gives us 11:00 am.
  • Therefore, when it’s 8:00 am, Tuesday in London, the relative time in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole is 11:00 am, Tuesday.

c) Japan, GMT +9

  • Japan lies in the GMT +9. Therefore we start by subtracting 9 from 3. i.e (+3) – (+9) = -6
  • Like in the above examples we add the result to the local Japanese time and let’s assume it 8:00 am, Tuesday in Japan. Adding (-6) which is the same as subtracting 6 hours from 8:00 am, Tuesday gives at 2:00 am, Tuesday.
  • Therefore, this implies that when it’s 8:00 am on Tuesday in Japan, the relative time in Kenya is 2:00 am, Tuesday.

How Does This Affect Your Travel Plans Then?

If you want to travel to Kenya for a vacation or for whichever purpose, you then have to be conscious of your departure time. This depends on whether you want to arrive in Nairobi at night or during the day.

Starting City

Local Time

Time Zone

Time Difference

Arrival Time in Nairobi

New York, USA

8:00 am

UTC -5

+8 hours

4:00 pm

London, UK

8:00 am


+3 hours

11:00 am

Tokyo, Japan

8:00 am

GMT +9

-6 hours

2:00 am

Impact on Travel Plans:

  • For a direct flight from New York to Nairobi (15 hours), considering an 8-hour time difference, if you want to arrive in Nairobi at 10:00 am, you should leave New York at 11:00 am.
  • For a flight from London to Nairobi (11:00 am arrival time), taking into account a 3-hour time difference, depart London at 8:00 am.
  • For a flight from Tokyo to Nairobi (2:00 am arrival time), accounting for a 6-hour time difference, you should depart Tokyo at 8:00 am.


Great! With this knowledge, you can now calculate the time difference and plan your travels from anywhere in the world.




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